Sunday, July 28, 2013

"Project Denim" Diminishing the Jean Pile, Episode 2, Denim Fashion Cuff

Well Hello There! I'm back today with the continuation of "Project Denim" in an effort to turn my giant pile of old jeans into re-purposed awesomeness! Have you brushed the dust off your pile yet? Are you ready to join me? Today is going to be fun! Being creative keeps me sane and I love creating things I can wear. So this post features a denim fashion cuff I made out of some old jeans. I started by cutting a strip of denim from a pair of jeans (the size would depend on how big your wrist is around and how wide you want the cuff.) I didn't finish the edges in any way because I wanted the fray to come through. To make the fray more deliberate I just took the long thread closest to the cut edge and pulled the outside thread until it came out and repeated with threads for as much fraying as I wanted. Then I attached (by sewing) a piece of Velcro to each end of the bracelet to be able to get it on and off easily. And for added embellishment, I made a simple fabric flower out of the denim. To do this, I just free hand cut some flowers out of the denim, then folded them in half and then again in about a third and hand sewed them together to make a flower. I finished the flower with a crocheted flower and a button. And lastly, sewed another cream colored, crocheted flower to the end of the cuff.  This is a simple, fast, stylin' way to use up some old denim jeans! Hope you are sewing along with me!! Tune in next time for the continuation of "Project Denim." Have a Fancy Day from "Patch-A-Heaven!"

This is a shot of the cuff laid out flat. The Velcro closures are the pre-cut squares. (I got them at Joann's)

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