Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chic Baby Lace Appliqued Onesie, Tutorial

Welcome friends! If Emerald is the color of the season, then hearts are definitely the shape of fall!
I'm seeing them everywhere. And who doesn't love hearts?! So I've been playing with hearts a lot lately.
If you missed my lace, appliqued top I made for myself you can see that here:
Link to the adult version of this tutorial

This got it all started! When I made that one and got a total photo bomb by my 2 year old, it gave me the idea that this would be too awesome on a onesie!! So that's what I bring you today: Presenting chic baby lace appliqued onesie! If you want to have the cutest gift at the next baby girl shower or if you have a chic baby girl, this is for you!

Here is what you will need:
Heart Template, I found mine by just googling heart template online, then printed and cut out.
White Onesie, unfold and iron the wrinkles out of front where you will place the heart so it goes on flat.
Black lace fabric, got mine at Joann's
HeatnBond Lite, also from Joann's, this is the iron on glue that holds the heart on, I used the Lite because lace is light and delicate
Pressing Cloth, this is any thin cloth that you can place in between the iron and the lace heart
A super cute baby to wear your awesome creation, this one is up to you!!
What you do:
First iron out any wrinkles on the front of the onesie with the iron. So the place you are going to put the heart is flat and ready for the applique. Then place heart template down on lace fabric (right side up), then cut the heart out of fabric, precisely. (The better your cut the more professional it will look) Then place lace heart on top of HeatnBond, (bumpy side up, paper side down) cut out the heart shape out of the HeatnBond, then move to the ironing board. Place the heart down on the board, HeatnBond is down first, then lace is on top of HeatnBond (fabric right side should be up) and then carefully place a thin pressing cloth over the heart and press. (There is a difference between ironing and pressing! Ironing is moving the iron across the fabric quickly, pressing is leaving the heat on longer in one place.) We are pressing! Once you have the cloth in place and no wrinkles exist, lay the iron over the cloth and leave in one place for about 30 seconds, then move to another place and repeat until you have covered the entire heart area. This diligent pressing is what will adhere the lace to the shirt, if you don't press well it will likely come off. Now peel the paper off the back of the heart, the heart should now have a clear layer of adhesive stuck to it. Now place the heart (HeatnBond side down) onto the Onesie, center the heart where you want it and then cover again with the pressing cloth. Again press about 30 seconds each area until the entire heart is stuck to the Onesie. Allow to cool without touching and ta-da!! Hello chic baby!! Here are a few pics of what I did:

Example of my template, and fabric ready for cut.
After the cut.

Ready for first pressing.

After first pressing, now peel the paper away from fabric, or fabric away from paper!
Placed and ready for second pressing, just cover this with thin cloth and press, press, press!

The finished project! Now I just need to rent a baby girl!! (don't think my little cowboy is going to go for this!)

This is what you will need for your adhesive.

The "Big Girl" version, with my little photo bomber!

As always thanks for tuning in! Much Love, from my little "Patch-A-Heaven!"

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Trend: Leather, "Rock it Baby!"

Hey guys! While I was shopping for school supplies for the kiddos last week at Target, guess...what...I...found?! Check this out!!

 I started singing "Pour some sugar on me, in the name of love!" My kids were like, "MOM, what are you doing?" Sorry, junior high flash back! I'm okay now. Def Leppard was one of my favs and then there was Poison, but the Lep was my band! I still love them. Target had a few others, KISS, Springstein, but the Lep was calling me, so I bought it. It's been in the closet for about a week now, cuz it's been so hot in Utah! But last night it was rainy and cool so I thought "what the heck!" If you are like me and love the latest fashion trends, you are probably swooning over a pair of black leather pants, yep me too! But I couldn't see dropping a few hundred on a pair! So I went faux leather instead. I found these "rockin" black, coated skinny's at Koo-de-ker the other day and have been dying for a cool day to wear them. I got my chance last night. The "Handy Hubby" and I went on a date and sat outside to dine, so the weather was fresh and cool. The pants and sweatshirt were perfect! He said to me, "you know if your hair was bigger you would fit right in the eighties!" Yep, but this is as big as my hair gets! (If only you could have seen me in junior high, talk about "big hair!" We would see who could rat our bangs highest! Scary!!) Been there, done that! So here's my "rocker chick" date night look:

These cropped, zipper pants will satisfy your desire for leather!

Gold accessories go perfect with the gold zippers, my gold chain/earrings are from KDK also.

Bright yellow shoes are from VS.
Date night with the Mister!

This sounds really weird, but it's so good! Try the Avocado Shake at Banana Leaf!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chic Up Your Shabby Sweatshirt, A Tutorial

My inspiration for today's project. The back of my catalog.
Welcome to my little "Patch-A-Heaven!" You probably know by now...I love clothes! Fashion is one of my passions!! I have expensive taste, but I don't think one has to have everything "Brand Name!" I like to buy an expensive, or Brand Name item or piece and then mix it with less expensive pieces to complete the look. I've been eyeing this "Supermodel Sweatshirt" from Victoria's Secret lately, but since I just bought a new pair of J Brands, I couldn't get myself to spend anymore moolah on myself! So I got creative, this is one of my best qualities (I think.) I see something I like or want and if I don't want to buy it, I figure out how to make it.  So that's what I did today. I already had a white shirt, some black, fine lace fabric and the Heat n Bond so I went to work. This only took me about 15 min. from start to finish. (It took me longer to choose the heart template I wanted, than to make it up!) I just looked online for a heart template, printed it, cut it out. With the fabric laying right side up I laid the heart template on the fabric, pinned it down, and cut out the heart, be careful to make exact cuts, take your time here, it will make your heart look more professional and less home-made if you make a good, clean cut.  I used Heat n Bond Lite for the iron on adhesive. I then laid the fabric heart  with right side up on to the bumpy side of the Heat n Bond. Then I cut out the adhesive heart, again cut precisely so you don't have extra adhesive hanging out the side. If you do, it's okay, just trim it off after you have the fabric stuck to it.  Next, keeping the heart on the adhesive just as I cut it out, I laid it on the ironing board, fabric side up and pressed it. (The lace I chose was fine and delicate so I used a pressing cloth in between, so the Heat n Bond, bumpy side up is down first on board, lace fabric next, right side up and then a pressing cloth over all layers.) Then press, I pressed using high heat because I had a protective layer in between, because I wanted to make sure to get a good seal between the lace and adhesive. It worked well. I then peeled off the paper layer on the back of the Heat n Bond Lite. Now the lace heart is ready to be applied to the shirt. I held the shirt up to myself and looked in the mirror to see where I wanted to place the heart. (Cuz you know those things we call boobies can get in the way of proper placement and drape!!) I pinned where I wanted the heart placed, then laid it down and used my trusty measuring device to make sure I had it centered. Then I laid the heart down onto the shirt (adhesive side down, fabric side up!) Again, I covered it with a pressing cloth to protect my lace and pressed it well. There is a difference between ironing and pressing. Ironing is quickly moving the iron over fabric, pressing is leaving it in one place for a length of time. I would keep it in place for at least 10 seconds until you have gone over the whole heart (or follow the directions on the back of the Heat n Bond or adhesive you are using) This should have adhered your fabric heart to your shirt!! I have seen lots of heart/lace appliqued tops out this season. So here's a way to stay chic without breaking the bank.
The one I made.
What you need:
Shirt (I liked white, and black lace fabric since black and white is hot this pre-Fall fashion season) The shirt could be old, new or thrifted, you choose.
Heart Template (I got mine online)
Iron on adhesive (I used Heat n Bond Lite)
Lace or fabric of your choice
Iron and board
Measuring Device (this could be as easy as a pencil marked)

This is the template I chose laying on my fabric.

My heart cut out of the lace fabric.
My lace heart laying on top of the HeatnBond Lite before pressing.

After pressing, peeling the paper layer off the back of the adhesive. Now it's ready to press onto the shirt.

What my HeatnBond Lite looks like. I bought at Joann's.

Using my measuring thingy to get it centered.

Photo bombed again! I love it though!! (One moc on, one moc off!)

Top: Fancy Ewe Creation, Jeans: J Brand High Rise Skinnys, Shoes: VS, Bag: Kate Spade

Has anyone (besides me been missing high waisted jeans?)

Hope you enjoy my fashion "Chic Up" Tutorials, thanks as always for tuning in!! Have a fancy day!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Man Behind This Blog, "Handy Hubby" is in the House!

The day he became mine.
Hey everyone! I'm happy to be blogging today, there for a minute I wasn't sure I was going to survive the County Fair. But I'm happy to say that we did it!! We are home and I was flipping through my blog list (blogs I follow) and I found that my friend Suzi over at Chores and Chandeliers (I say friend, we have never met in person, but I love her blog, we have a lot in common and converse via this amazing internet so I count her as a friend) is doing a fun themed link up and I thought I'd join in. (I have a link to Suzi's blog at the bottom of this page, you should go visit her!) By now you all probably know that I refer to my husband as "Handy Hubby" on this blog. And I've included him in a few posts. His real name is Matthew, he goes by Matt. He is a wonderful guy and today I want it to be all about him! If it weren't for this good man, I would not have the sweet life I enjoy everyday!! We have been married for 13 years, for the first 5 of those years we both worked full time as employees for other companies. Then we decided to start our own construction company in 2006. "Handy Hubby" is an expert in dirt, track hoes, back hoes, digging holes and loves working outside. He would not enjoy working in an office. Since having our first child in 2005, I have been a stay at home mom. "Handy Hubby" has always supported me in my desire to be the one home with our children. (Even when it would have been easier on us to have two incomes!) At times I feel like I'm a princess and he's our indentured servant. (I hope he doesn't feel this way! I so appreciate all of his hard work so that we can live the life we do.) But when I call to talk to him during his day and he's digging in a track hoe and I'm off to the swimming pool or something fun...one can feel a little guilty!
Being self employed has both it's challenges and rewards. We have had struggles and victories that have pushed us to our brink and ultimately brought us closer together. "Handy Hubby" has always kept a positive attitude and I love that about him! He is loving, gentle and kind. He is strong, tough and hard working. He always supports me in all I do, even when I get hair brained ideas like starting a blog or taking out loans to make dresses and such. He tries his hardest to make me happy and I appreciate his efforts. He has a great sense of humor and always keeps me laughing! He is a hard worker, a great dad, and the reason I call him "Handy Hubby" comes from the fact that he is one of the handiest guys I have ever met! He can build things, fix things and figure things out...it's an art! I love to work with him, his creativity and ability never ceases to amaze me! One of my other favorite things about him is his love for fun. He loves to have fun and is fun to be around! And that keeps things new. We date often, we play games together, we work together, we have a lot of fun together and I think that's really important! He serves God in his many responsibilities in our church (I think a man that serves the Lord is very sexy!) He is relaxed, low key, and patient so basically he keeps me balanced because I am none of those things! The past 13 years for me being married to this guy have been a pleasure and a blessing! I look forward to having him tease me for eternity! (This is one of his favorite things (to tease me) and it's one of my favorite things, NOT! But it's all good, someone's gotta give me a hard time! Here are a few pics of the man behind this blog. The thing I want him to know the most is how proud I am of him, the man he is, how much I love him, and the life we have made together.

Here are the questions he was to answer:

(Me) 1. If you had a blog what would it be called?

(Handy Hubby) "Um...." (I don't think he's ever thought of having a blog!) He said he likes teaching people to do things and if he were to have one I think teaching people how to be handy would be dandy!

(Me) 2. Do I use her real name on the blog?
(HH) "Nope!" He loves giving people nick-names so I'm sure I'd have a funny name!

(Me) 3. How has my blog evolved or changed over time?
(HH) He thinks my content is getting better and he didn't say this, but he has taken over as resident photographer and I must say the photos are getting much better!

(Me) 4. How often do you read my blog?
(HH) "Not very often." Do I take offense to this? no, of course not! I figure dresses and how to make girly things doesn't really turn him on!

(Me) 5. What are some of your hobbies?
(HH) "Biking, mountain and road. Shooting (guns) hunting and fishing. Beekeeping.

(Me) 6. What would your dream job be?
(HH) "Wouldn't have one!" He likes the idea of hanging out with this little family a lot more. (I love this idea!) I guess he's waiting to win the lottery!

(Me) 7. What is your favorite thing about me?
(HH) "Your ability to take care of me." ( I loved this answer!)

(Me) 8. Share 3 random facts about yourself:
(HH) "There's probably not a tractor or piece of equipment that I can't run." (This is a true story, he is very gifted when it comes to machines!)
"I can ride a bike for 206 miles straight and finish in less than 10 hours. (I followed him in the car and it was a long ride for me!)
"I like to talk in movie quotes!" (We have a lot of fun with this one at our house! Our favorite movies to quote are "Nacho Libre", McClintock and "Despicable Me"

(Me) 9. What is your favorite post on my blog?
(HH)"I like the ones about bees."

(Me) 10. Do you ever feel ignored because of this blog?
(HH) "No, you balance well." (This pleases me too! I never want my family to feel unimportant!)

Here are a few pics of my Handy Hubby:
His work.
His fun! He loves hunting and fishing!!


At the end of his 206 mile bike race.

He is so funny! And always willing to help my dad on the ranch.

Building a horse stall for me.
Teaching his boy how to keep mama happy! Once again building something for me.
I get the privilege of raising one just like him.

Such a good dad!
He always does things right, straight and true, even if it takes longer!

Prime example of his Handiness, using a drill to reel in the electric fence...brilliant!

This is a prime example of his sense of humor, he knows I'm trying to take his picture so he pretends to pick his nose! Gross!!
Having fun on one of our couples weekends!

Please take time to visit my friend Suzi over at choresandchandeliers.blogspot.com here's her link:



Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher Series, Episode 4: Cowgirl Metallics

My old muck boots in their new golden hue.
Well today is the day we take the show lambs into the County Fair for the weigh in and health check. My little cowgirls have been practicing so hard with these fancy lambs and we are coming down to show day. I like to be stylish even when working livestock, but my wardrobe must also be functional and ok to get dirty. So today's outfit features one of this seasons hottest trends: Metallics, but worn in a way that is more subtle (except for my blaring gold muck boots!) I found this super comfy burn out tee made by Wrangler at my local western store. It has a metallic element. I painted my nails metallic gold. (Love the Maybelline "Color Show" Bold Gold polish!) I will be wearing my muck boots in their new bold gold color for the messy stuff and a pair of Rocket Dog short booties for the around towning. My jeans are Sisley, the clutch and headband are Fancy Ewe creations. Wish us luck at the Fair! Hope you are having as much fun with the Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher Series as I am! Have a fancy day from "Patch-A-Heaven!!"

Get yer shades on, cuz these babies are bright!
Metallic nails.

The going to town boots, Rocket Dog shorties. 

The new "Minnie May" denim headband, in the Fancy Ewe Shop soon!

Always photo bombed by my dog lol!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher Series, Episode 3: Muck Boot Makeover!

Here are my boots before.
Hello from my little "Patch-A-Heaven!" Hope you are all having a great summer. Things are pretty crazy around here! The garden is in full swing, I've gotten a few batches bottled (not as much as I should have though.) The kids have been riding horses and practicing with their show lambs (which means I have been barking out orders from the middle of the arena and hauling around in a flatbed Dodge pulling a horse trailer behind.) The County Fair is upon us. I pray my littlest girl can handle her lamb (he is a brute!) She has really toughened up a lot since we started (which was needed!) We have practiced and practiced, I just hope he cooperates. And I've been sewing and creating, you know...just doing my thing! So today I bring you the next look in my series "Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher." I have blogged about my green muck boots before, but I decided they needed a new look! So today I bring you "Muck Boot Makeover!" If you are new to this blog series, I try to bring farm/ranch looks up to date with the latest styles. I love being a cowgirl and have always been one, but I also love high fashion and runway looks and style. This is my way of joining both things I love. It's my kind of style. A hot trend this late Summer/Fall season is Metallics. (Gold, Silver, Copper, anything shiny!) So without further adieu...I introduce my old Muck Boots in their new hue!

Here's a peek at the after!


 I chose to spray paint these a gold color because the accessories I planned for the total outfit were gold. A real cowgirl, farmer, rancher needs a good pair of Muck Boots, they are a necessity, but who says she can't make a fashion statement with them?! I just used a gold spray paint I got at Walmart and went to town!! They turned out great. I think I may need to get the lambs and horses some shades because these babies are bright!!

                                              Stay tuned to see the entire ensemble!

                                          Have a fancy day from "Patch-A-Heaven!"



Sunday, August 11, 2013

"Project Denim" Diminishing The Jean Pile, Episode 5: Belt Loop Bobbies

Welcome Friends! I still have a huge pile of old denim jeans just screaming to be made into something fantastic. My "Handy Hubby" works outside and even though Wrangler makes a pretty tough jean, he wears them out. But I just can't get myself to throw them away! They are good for something...which brings me to today's post. Say Hello to "Denim Belt Loop Bobbies!" I love belt loops, they are just cool! So I unpicked them off the pants and glued them onto small alligator clips. So simple and fast! And I think they turned out pretty cute. I also did some using other parts of the pants (jeans just have so many cool seams to choose from!) Here are a few I made:

I wore them to church today.

Thanks for following my creative journey! Love from "Patch-A-Heaven!"