Friday, October 4, 2013

How to Make a Mulan Cricket Cage, a tutorial.

Halloween is creeping closer and closer! Do you know what your littles are going to be this year? My kids have finally decided and so now the work begins!! Sure I could just run down to Wal-Mart and buy a $20 throw on costume, but where's the fun in that?! Halloween is always a test of my creativity and I love a good challenge! So this year one of my daughters wants to be Mulan and she chose the look where Mulan is going to meet the Matchmaker, with the fancy garb, makeup and the like. I was actually thrilled when she said she wanted to be Mulan, because this summer while we were at Craft Lake City, we bought her a Kimono, so we already had a big part of the costume covered!! I love when that happens too!! So then we thought of all the accessories that she had in that scene. Today I bring you a tutorial on how I made the cricket cage, you know the one her Grandma gives her for good luck?!

Things you will need:
2 Wide Mouth Bottling Jar Lids/Rings
Thin cardboard, I used a cereal box, manila folder
Hot Glue/Gun
Water Bottle Cap
Ring, I think mine was once on a roll of first aid tape!
Gold Spray Paint, I had lots left over from my pumpkin painting and muckboot makeover!
Picture cut out of the blue cricket, I just googled Mulan and there was a photo there.

Now to get started cut a rectangle out of the cereal box, cut it a size so that it will wrap around to make a cylinder shape and fit inside the rings. Then cut rectangular holes out of the cereal box to make the bars of the cage. Then glue the ends together (the size of the rings). Now glue the lids inside the rings, both. Then glue the cylinder cage inside the rings, one on top and one on bottom. Then cut out a half circle I made mine out of an old Manila Folder. Then wrap the half circle around itself until it fits on top of the top ring, and then glue in place. Now glue the cap on top of the half circle that now resembles a teepee. and then glue the ring on top of the cap. When glued well, spray paint to cover evenly, let dry. Then cut out and glue in the cricket.

Here's the finished product.

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