Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Perfect Dance Recital Hair, Tutorial, Episode 2, Up-do

Hi everyone! Today I'm back with the sequel to my first "Perfect Dance Recital Hair Tutorial." I used the same bobby pin curl technique I did in the first tutorial, that can be found on my blog Link Here:
This time I did an up-do. I made 5 topsy tails, (if you don't know what these are, I described them in the 1st tutorial also) the first topsy tail is in the center front, then one on each side of the head and then two on the bottom, in the back. Then I put all the hair into a high pony tail. Then I used the bobby pin curl technique, by taking small sections of the ponytail and spray generously with hairspray, rolling up and pinning down. We were supposed to wear a "messy bun" for our dance recital performance so I made the curls in a bun formation. After several hours of leaving in, I took the pins out, one by one and back combed the sections to give volume and then pinned them back up into the bun. I rolled a few of the sections only about half way and then pinned, leaving a shorter ringlet hanging down. Here are some pics from our last recital, giving you an idea of how we use this technique for an up do.

This is a view of the front:

Here is a pic before we removed the bobby pins:

Here is a side view of the do with the pins in.

Here's a side view of the finished up-do:

Here's a view of the back with the ringlets down. (Don't mind the wind blowing everything to the left!)

Hope you have enjoyed these hair tutorials! 
Happy Curling from "Patch-A-Heaven!" 
Loves, Kacey 

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