Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How to Make a Necklace Shorter, easy tutorial!

Hi friends! Yesterday as I was planning my latest Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher post, I put on my Steer Head necklace. I loved the look of the necklace, but the length just didn't work with the outfit. At the current length the Steer Head was placed too low and didn't show up. I wanted it to be placed in the dark area of the shirt. And instead of trying a different necklace I figured out a way to temporarily shorten the necklace. (Some necklaces you can just hook the closure into a different, shorter chain link, closer to the middle of the necklace, therefore shortening it. But on this particular necklace, that wouldn't work because the chain links were smaller and the closure hook wouldn't fit through them the closer I got to where I wanted the length to be. But I figured out that I could easily and quickly add another larger link to the existing small link and hook the closure to that and wa-la the necklace was now at perfect hanging length for this outfit. You could easily change the lengths and then remove the additional chain link when you wanted it longer.

 Here is what I did:

Notice that the chain links are smaller as they get closer to the middle of the necklace so I couldn't hook into the smaller links which is where I needed to hook it in order to shorten the necklace. This is why I added the extra link to hook to.

This is the extra link I added. It did fit through the smaller link.

Here I put the extra link through the smaller link where I wanted the length to be.

Then I pinched it closed with these pliers.

Here I have pinched the extra link together. Then I just hook the closure to the new link to make it shorter.
Here is the necklace sitting right where I wanted it. Before it hung too low.

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  1. Perfect! I love it as it doesn't permanently alter the length of the chain. Thank you.