Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Project Denim" Diminishing the Jean Pile, Episode 4: Jean Wreath

Welcome back to my series of blog posts I call "Project Denim!" If this is your first time here, I am sharing ways I use my family's old, worn-out jeans to make new things. Today I made a wreath for my front door out of the pant legs of a pair of jeans. I purchased a Styrofoam wreath from Joann's, I used a kitchen knife to make one cut all the way through it (so I could put the tube I made out of the jean legs on to the Styrofoam) then cut the pant legs from the bottom to the top and then sewed a seam (long way) so the tube was the same size around (because pant legs get bigger as they go up and I wanted the tube the same size.) I did not connect the two tubes to each other. I just over lapped them on the wreath. (I used 2 pant legs for this project, but yours will depend on what size jeans you are working with, I am using "Handy Hubby's" and he's super tall. You may need to use more pant legs if your pants are shorter.) Then I made a bow and hot glued it on. And using a thick strip of denim cut from another pair of jeans to hang it. This was super easy and fast! I want to add a welcome to this wreath, when I do I will re-post a new pic. Hope you are digging the denim! Have a super day from "Patch-A-Heaven!"

Monday, July 29, 2013

"Project Denim" Diminishing the Jean Pile, Episode 3: Up-cycled Denim Headbands

Happy Day my friends! Hope you are all well. I've been knee-deep in denim!! But the pile is getting
smaller, thanks to all these little projects. Today's project features a headband made of worn-out jeans. I just cut strips of denim from the pant leg, going the long way. I frayed the edges and sewed a small piece of elastic to each end of the headband to connect the ends together. The size of strip and elastic depends on what size your head is. I cut a strip (long) and then wrapped it around my head and left about 2" short, for the elastic. Then I embellished the headbands with denim and fabric flowers. This was fun and easy!
Here are a few of the ones I made:

Thanks for tuning in to "Project Denim!" Come on back if you are digging the denim!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

"Project Denim" Diminishing the Jean Pile, Episode 2, Denim Fashion Cuff

Well Hello There! I'm back today with the continuation of "Project Denim" in an effort to turn my giant pile of old jeans into re-purposed awesomeness! Have you brushed the dust off your pile yet? Are you ready to join me? Today is going to be fun! Being creative keeps me sane and I love creating things I can wear. So this post features a denim fashion cuff I made out of some old jeans. I started by cutting a strip of denim from a pair of jeans (the size would depend on how big your wrist is around and how wide you want the cuff.) I didn't finish the edges in any way because I wanted the fray to come through. To make the fray more deliberate I just took the long thread closest to the cut edge and pulled the outside thread until it came out and repeated with threads for as much fraying as I wanted. Then I attached (by sewing) a piece of Velcro to each end of the bracelet to be able to get it on and off easily. And for added embellishment, I made a simple fabric flower out of the denim. To do this, I just free hand cut some flowers out of the denim, then folded them in half and then again in about a third and hand sewed them together to make a flower. I finished the flower with a crocheted flower and a button. And lastly, sewed another cream colored, crocheted flower to the end of the cuff.  This is a simple, fast, stylin' way to use up some old denim jeans! Hope you are sewing along with me!! Tune in next time for the continuation of "Project Denim." Have a Fancy Day from "Patch-A-Heaven!"

This is a shot of the cuff laid out flat. The Velcro closures are the pre-cut squares. (I got them at Joann's)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Project Denim", Diminishing the Jean Pile, Episode 1, Denim Pillowcase/Decorative Pillows

Hello my fine friends! It seems that my blog has been dominated by fashion posts lately, and I love
that! However  I'm excited to change gears a bit and do another DIY, creative, crafty sewing series. Anybody else (besides me) have a giant pile of old jeans that you've just been saving?  There's a huge mountain of jeans that have holes in various places, but that still have some life left in them. (Just not life in the state they are in now!) I feel like turning myself into "Hoarders Anonymous" if I don't take action soon!  I've been contemplating for a long time some projects to use up these old jeans. So let the reincarnation begin and let's diminish that denim pile together! What do you say? Are you with me? Let's do this!!

For episode 1 of this denim series I have made a pillow case and a decorative pillow for my son's cowboy themed bedroom. When I made his room accessories when he was born I made a pillow out of a brown faux suede fabric that resembles leather and I think a denim addition is just what his room needs now that he is getting ready to move into the "big boy bed!"

Pillow cases are really easy to make, but denim creates it's own challenges just because of it's thickness. So just be thoughtful when planning which pieces of denim go where so that you don't have too many thick seams together. (Most sewing machines don't like this sort of thing!)

What I did:

I used two large pairs of denim jeans. I opened the pants first by cutting down the inseam and all the way to the top of the waist and then opened the pant leg up. Then I cut the leg into 2 pieces. (This will obviously vary because my hubby is 6'3 so I have lots of leg to work with!) I got out an old pillowcase the size I wanted to make and patterned after that for measurements. I sewed 3 of my pieces together and made two of those, then with right sides together I sewed them together to make the case. I did not finish the raw edges that show because I wanted the fray look. If you don't then you would need to finish the raw edges before sewing the case together. When using 3 pieces sewn together it made "leftovers" so that's why I made the smaller pillow.
I was just careful to not put thick seam on thick seam. This did not take much time and I'm 2 pairs down!! If you have pile like mine, stay tuned to the blog. I will have more ideas on how to use up the hoarded stash of old denim!!

Hope you have a Fancy Day from "Patch-A-Heaven!"

Here's a shot of some of the vinyl lettering we did in the boy's room.
The magnet board that I repurposed from when it belonged to my daughter.

Do you have one of these piles at your house and wondering what the heck to do with it?! Stay tuned for more ideas!!


I made a decorative pillow case and pillow for my son's cowboy themed room.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Just Can't Get Enough of The Midi Skirt!

Hey guys! Hope you are all well. I know I promised a video of bees gathering pollen from my corn, but I'm sad to say that just didn't work out. (Darn!) I should have done it the day I took the photos. But it ended up raining later on that day, the next day I went out to try again and it had rained that morning and they just weren't on it like they were the day before. The next day we had a horse show and so I think I may have missed my chance. One day I will capture this amazingness for you!!
Today I decided to share a project I've been working on. Since the last post I did in my "Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher" series, where I made a denim midi skirt. I just can't get enough of these midis! They are stylish, but also very comfortable and cool in this 100 degree Utah weather. So I decided to make another one. This time I went trendy, I made it out of a large navy and white chevron print. I love navy with either yellow or orange. I like almost all yellows with navy (neon, mustard and the one I chose today is a greenish neon yellow) I wore a navy/gold statement necklace and earrings for accessories. And styled it with a sheer yellow top and shoes from VS online. Here is a look at the skirt. These skirts are fun, fast and easy to make. I might just make a few more!! Have a Fancy Day from "Patch-A-Heaven!"

Skirt is a Fancy Ewe design and creation.

Top is from Victoria Secret online.
These fun shoes are from Victoria Secret online.
To see the denim number I made click on link here:  Link to The Cowgirl Midi Skirt

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Busy as a bee! A Close up of Bees Collecting Corn Pollen.

Happy Thursday my fine friends!
 It was a gorgeous overcast day here in Utah.
 And since it was 104
degrees yesterday...we will take a cooler, cloudy day. (We will probably get rain this afternoon, which is a real blessing this time of year!) As I commenced my morning chores I heard a magnificent noise. It was a gentle buzzing, but as I got closer to my garden, it got stronger. I turned on the water in a few furrows and when I got to the corn I found the source of the buzz.  I love the sound of buzzing bees! And I love this time of year when the corn is all tasseled and the bees go to work. They are so busy collecting pollen from the corn. They take the pollen back to their hives in baskets located on their back legs. (And some gets stuck on their hairs too!) They eat this pollen as their source of protein. They eat it, feed it to their young and store it for winter use. It is truly amazing to watch. (It may be just my fascination with bees in general, but I just love to watch them work!) They amaze me with their efficiency and determination. I had to postpone continuation of my chores to take in the grandeur of my bees. I ran back into the house for my "good camera" I had the Iphone, but that just doesn't do these girls justice! Tomorrow I am going to attempt my first Instagram video. I want you to have the full effect! It just isn't the same without the sound and in the pics below, I am only showing one corn stalk. I have 3 rows of corn in which there are several (5-12) bees on each stalk. The sound and sight is amazing! Being a beekeeper, this isn't the first time I have witnessed the bees collecting pollen from my corn, however I am still in awe! They are such amazing creatures. What is even more interesting is that I can walk through these rows of corn where there are literally hundreds of bees and they fly and buzz around me, but they don't sting me! They know I'm the gardener here and as long as I don't threaten them I can get quite close and observe, listen and walk through doing my work also. One of my favorite times of the year right here! Here are a few of the shots I captured today.

To the next tassel, in a hurry!
I can count 5 in this shot.
The rows. Oh how I love to walk them and listen to them buzz!

Close up of one of my girls.

I caught this gal in mid flight.
Hope you have loved seeing my working girls (bees) as much as I love them. Have a "Fancy Day" from "Patch-A-Heaven!" My Instagram handle is @fancyewe if you want to follow. I will attempt to catch these ladies on video in the morning. Wish me luck!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

How Kacey Wears It, Orchid

Hello friends! Hope you are all well. It's been crazy busy around here lately. (I guess it never really slows down, because I say that all the time!) The garden is growing and we are eating good, healthy veggies. My oldest got baptized and I threw a big party to celebrate. I've been sewing a bit and I just received my last two dresses from my collection. Which brings me to my post today. I am wearing my "Orchid" dress. This is the same style as the orange "Belle de Jour" except in a mint green. It is made of chiffon and has beautiful pleats falling from the waist and is oh so fun to twirl in! (As you can see...I just can't help myself!)
As I was looking for accessories to accompany this fun frock, I found a gorgeous clutch/purse from Elaine Turner. I've never bought from here before, but I am impressed. It shipped fast and packed great and when I opened the box...I was in love! The mint python goes so great with this dress. (Oh, and the inside of the purse is pink, how could it be more me?)
Here is a close up of the Purse, it's called Makenzie but I think it's =Python Perfection!: It's on sale and I got a coupon for signing up for email=bonus!! It can be worn as a purse with the chain strap or take the chain off for a clutch. Have I mentioned...I love this bag?!

As for shoes, I had bought these faux snake print heels from VS early this season and loved them with this. (Elaine Turner has some great python wedges that would be great with this dress too!)

Here are some more pics of me wearing "Orchid" (to purchase this dress please go to and look for it in the "Fete de Fleurs" Collection.)

 Here's the link to Shabby Apple
Shabby Apple "Orchid" Dress

My accessories today are a gold colored chain necklace and matching earrings. I got these at Koo de Ker. Another of my fav shops for picking up something fantastic!

I think the thing I like most about this dress is that when standing still this dress hangs close and neat and is slimming. But give her some lift, air or twirl and you get a gorgeous flow of pleats! Trust me, you won't be able to keep from twirling! Hope you have enjoyed "Orchid" today. Have a Fancy Day from "Patch-A-Heaven!"