Monday, July 7, 2014

How to Keep the Kids Busy This Summer, Have a Bubble Day!

My kids love bubbles! And the bigger the better!! To be honest when we get this stuff out, even the adults can't's a lot of fun. So my next suggestion for summer fun with the kiddos is to have a bubble day! We do this a lot and have some suggestions. We like to buy the biggest bottle of bubble liquid at Wal-Mart and then pour out into a round pizza pan. Then use either Joy Dish Washing liquid or Johnson's No Tears Shampoo to squirt extra soap into the store bought bubble liquid for extra big bubbling. Because the bubbles get so big and when they pop if the kids are little and it gets in their eyes the Joy might sting a little. I think the Joy works best for the bubble factor, but the Johnson's also works good and no sting. We like to use butterfly nets that we have cut out most of the net, leaving only the part attached to the ring (so the bubble liquid has something to stick to) and then dip the ring into the liquid, pulling it out slowly. You can also make your own buy using wire hangers and or sticks, making a ring and a long handle, then crochet around the ring making something for the liquid to stick to. (If you have older kids it's a perfect way to teach a simple crochet stitch!)  We have the best luck with huge bubbles when there's a slight breeze to help elongate the bubbles. My 6 year old is the master! She can make the longest bubbles I've ever seen!

Here are some pics of our bubble fun!

This is my mom, seriously you guys she is the funnest grandma ever! Wish I could be more like her...
Here is a look at the wand in the bubble liquid. Keep in mind if you do this on concrete it does get slippery so be careful! I would put the pans on the concrete (so they don't dump over in the grass) ,  and then have them dip and then move to the grass to run or make the bubbles.  Also keep in mind, we have yellowed a patch of grass when we did a huge amount and someone dumped it over in the grass. 

The bubble queen!
Another thing the kids love to do besides make the bubbles is pop them! And for this they like to use fly swatters, but the wands and hands work fine too. We usually take turns making the bubbles and popping them, some make, while others pop!

Keep in mind these are huge bubbles using a lot of bubble liquid so if they pop them over head they will need a bath after or they will feel very slippery and soapy! Or maybe playing in the sprinklers or kiddy pool after would do the trick!! Or just hose them off, LOL!

This is by far, one of my kids favorite summer activities, we hope you like it too!

If one is good...two is better right?!
Pretty sure you can guess how this ended! POP went the bubble!!
All Hail the Bubble Queen!
Next time we do this we are going to try the hula hoop in the swimming pool to see if we can make the huge bubble you can get inside! I just need to crochet around the hoop first! And buy a tanker full of bubble liquid!! Bubbles are so fun and hope you get out and try these with your kiddos.


  1. What kind of bubbles do you get from Walmart? I'm totally doing this week

    1. Hi Angela,
      I used Super Miracle Bubbles made by Imperial. I don't think it really matters, as much as adding more dish detergent or baby shampoo to make the big ones! And a gentle breeze helps too! Thanks for coming by, and hope your boys enjoy!