Thursday, August 21, 2014

Creative Cowgirl, Episode 2: Do It Yourself, Art Inspired, Sharpie Cowboy Hat

The Before
Welcome to our little "Patch-A-Heaven!" We love creating and living our cowgirl lifestyle!! (I have 2 little cowgirls and we love to share our creative cowgirl projects with you.) There is a strong art vibe in fashion these days. You can see it everywhere, and why not?! Art is all around us and is very inspiring! I have loved the "Pop Art" fashion trend since Spring and will reveal my entire art inspired cowgirl look in another "Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher" post. For today, I want to share how we added some art to our cowgirl style by decorating a plain straw cowboy hat.
I was walking down the isle at Walmart the other day, when I spotted them...the 80's Glam Limited Edition of Sharpies, 24 bold colors to choose from,and if that didn't get you, the names like "banana clip yellow" and "valley girl violet" would have (if you grew up in the 80's, you like totally know what I mean, it made me want to find some leg warmers)...oh, and it sparked an idea! Why not draw some art on a plain, old straw cowboy hat?! And that's just what I did. Not using any templates or shapes, just some artful fashion inspo from Vogue and InStyle Mags and started doodling. Now I am in no way an experienced artist, I really don't draw that well at all...but this was really fun! And I love the way it turned out. And I think I need another cowboy hat because being creative always sparks more ideas and I have another...we'll save that for another day..Until then, hope you enjoy our totally awesome Sharpie Hat!

For today's project you just need some Sharpies, a hat and your creative imagination! And let it go wild!!

Here is mine:

Goes perfect with our amazing Western Skies!

You will see why I chose the colors I did in my next fashion post...I'm matching something new!

Some scrolls and dots around the edge.

The 80's Glam Collection in all it's glory!

I have never met a boring cowgirl, I mean for heaven sake we live to be different. So here's a way to stand out in your own artful way!! Never be afraid to be yourself and let the world see who you really are!

Hope you have a "Fancy" Day, with much love from "Patch-A-Heaven!"

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