Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How to make your own Kentucky Derby Hat

Hello friends! It's been a while!! I'm still here, just super-duper busy with life. You know how that is, right?!! I can't believe how fast time flies when you're having fun. And speaking of of my favorite times of the year is approaching. The Kentucky Derby! I love all the grandeur, the tradition, the beautiful, fast thoroughbreds and of course...the HATS! They are a fun, creative, colorful, stylish part of the tradition at the Derby. So whether you are going to be in the stands at Churchill Downs, going to a Derby party with friends, or just jockeying from your favorite easy chair, a great hat is a must!! I made a hat the other day for a Young Women's program at my church and thought it would be a fun one for the Derby so I'll share how I did it in case anyone needs a last minute Derby Do!

For project, you will need:
Fabric one yard is plenty
Wire, must be bendable
Hot Glue, and gun
Something to trace around to make a big circle
Tape, preferably clear color to hold ends of wire together in circle, before gluing to fabric.
Accessories to decorate the hat with such as flowers, jewels, beads, feathers, and anything else you want to put on it to make it yours.

This is the wire I chose, it worked well. Purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Use something round and about the size you want the outside perimeter of hat to be. I used a laundry basket.

Here is my starting circle.

Measure and cut the wire to fit exactly the outer circle. Then use tape to hold the two ends of wire together to complete a circle.

Use hot glue to attach wire to outer edge of circle. Apply glue, attach wire and then fold outer edge of fabric circle over.

Then I used my fingers to roll the wire edges of circle in towards the middle of circle a couple of times. Glue if needed.

Make another wire circle the circumference of your head where you plan on wearing it. The top of your head/hair will show out top of this style of hat. Pic shows the wire glued together, I would recommend tape to hold the two ends of wire together to complete circle and then hot glue to fabric.

Lay the head wire in center of big circle, then cut a small circle about 1/2" or so smaller than the wire circle.

Then cut slits around the fabric circle and hot glue the tabs that creates over the wire. 

This pic shows wrong side of hat finished, but not embellished.

Here is the finished product embellished with faux flowers, feathers, and paper covered wire curled up in the back. I just hot glued everything to the top of hat.

This was a simple, fast, and fun project that I think will be fun to wear again on Derby Day! Hope you enjoy Derby Day and may the fastest horse win!!

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