Saturday, December 15, 2012

Make a Christmas Ruffle "Tree Shirt"

I always seem to gravitate towards buying my girls white T-shirts, this is despite my good sense that they will inevitably end up with stains down the front! I guess it's because white goes with everything, but they do end up with stains no matter how hard I OxyClean and Spray N Wash! So...I still buy white shirts because I love them, but when they do end up stained I just cover up the stained area with something cute like ruffles! Instead of a T-shirt, you get a "Tree Shirt!" You know I have an addiction to ruffles! I love them! So here's what I did when my daughter's 2nd grade class had a special Christmas Activity and they were supposed to dress in Christmas colors:

I took an old stained white T-shirt and made some ruffles out of Christmas colored fabrics. I pinned and then sewed on the ruffles in the shape of a Christmas Tree. Appliqued on a star at the top. Here's a picture of the finished product. It was fast, easy and I didn't have to buy anything new since I already had the Christmas fabric scraps.

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