Saturday, December 1, 2012

Make an inexpensive doll house for a Christmas gift!

Doll apartment shown here, the shell is a crate. Then we stacked it on top of two of the crates shown below, which are horse stalls.
For all you pinners who are afraid to throw away those toilet paper rolls, yogurt cups, lids and other useful junk, have I got a fun idea for you!! Save all those "garbage things" because you can make doll house furniture!! My mom came up with this idea and has made several for my girls and I think it's a fabulous idea. You just need to use all the junk you have lying around, like scrap pieces of fabric, rick rack, ribbon, food boxes, foam, pill bottles, gum bottles, yogurt cups, toilet paper rolls, felt and fleece, left over silk flowers, boxes or crates work great for the shell/house part. Decorate with print ables and have fun!! Here are a couple my mom did for my girls for Christmas this last year. She did a stable theme, the horse stall was on the bottom and the girls apartment we stacked on top of the stable. You can make this as inexpensive as you want and still end up with a fun gift. We have done this using card board boxes, crates and even made an entire Barbie house using a bookshelf we bought at Walmart! (When I say we, I really just mean my mother). She is the Barbie specialist around here! She makes clothes, furniture, houses and all kinds of other fun things my kids love to play with. She has pure talent, I'm telling you! When making these just choose the house part (box, crate, shelf) choose a color scheme (then look online for print ables that go with the color scheme and the room you are furnishing to decorate the walls, find some old junk, and fabric/embellishment scraps and your trusty glue gun and go to town! Make furniture such as chairs and beds out of cardboard and boxes, then cover with fabric. These are simple and inexpensive, but provide many hours of play entertainment! 

This pony's name is Sugar and Spice and this is her posh stall! 

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