Monday, February 4, 2013

Kacey's Dresses Update: It's finally here! Introducing "Pacific Play"

Image Credit: Shabby Apple
The day has finally arrived! I have been working and waiting on this day for about a year now! I finally get to say "Here it is!! Introducing the first of 5 dresses designed by me, exclusively for Shabby Apple. This dress called "Pacific Play" has found a home in their "Ferris Wheel" line. It was inspired by the Polo Match scene in one of my favorite movies of all time, "Pretty Woman."  I wanted to create something playful and fun! This dress features a square neck and playful puffed sleeves. It is available as of today exclusively through (I'm afraid for the first person I see wearing one of my designs, I might run up and hug them tight! And I may not let go!!) I really do apologize if you happen to be this unsuspecting person. I must tell you that this has been a fun, stressful, exciting, disappointing, yet extremely enjoyable experience so far and now I've arrived at the moment of truth. Where I wonder if what I have created will be pleasing to Shabby Apple customers. This venture was a big risk on my part (and the part of Handy Hubby, who pays most of the bills around here.) As I  have little designing experience and no manufacturing experience I am happy to have had the help of my mentors at Shabby Apple to make this happen! This has been overall a great adventure in their Emerging Designer Program and I am so thrilled to present to the world, "Pacific Play!"

Image Credit: Shabby Apple

To view or purchase this dress visit Shabby Apple at the link below:
Link to Shabby Apple Website

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