Thursday, February 28, 2013

Re-Fashion of an Old Denim Skirt!

Ever since seeing all the ruffles on the runway at New York Fashion Week, I have been dreaming of a skirt like the white one in the Ralph Lauren Collection. (Literally this idea has been keeping me up at night. Thank goodness for Unisom or I would be a zombie!)  As I walked in my closet the other day I heard "Help me! Help me! I'm outdated and you won't wear me anymore." When I looked closer I found this lonely, old, denim skirt. I once wore it often, but the poor little skirt was right. I won't wear it anymore as is, but....I feel a re-fashion coming on! So today's blogpost was inspired by a heap of ideas: The fact that the runway is full of big ruffles, (and I just happen to be in love with ruffles, even when they aren't in season!), I pinned a photo on my pinboard a long while ago and swore I would make my own version of that darling outfit, and  I just love to turn old things into new, trendy wares.

So here is the poor, old, lonely denim skirt that was calling to me in the closet. (Yes, be afraid, my clothes talk to me!) :

Here is the Pin I loved on Pinterest that I swore I would make my own:

Photo Credit: Pinterest/Women's Style

Here is a picture of the Ralph Lauren one from the Spring Runway Show:

Photo Credit: Harper's Bazaar/Ralph Lauren Collection
Link to Harper's Bazaar

And here is what I did to revive and re-awaken the poor, old, lonely skirt: (I added ruffles!) In true flamenco style, I added tiers of big gathered ruffles to the asymmetrical hem I created at the bottom of the skirt. I used cream colored Broadcloth, cream colored Lace and also a cream colored, patterned Tulle. It was a western styled denim skirt to begin with, so I kept it true to it's roots, hence the cowboy boots. I paired it with a chambray denim shirt that has a back also made of white lace.

And a view from the back.

Now that I have this finished, I hope I can sleep at night now, LOL! Night Folks!!


  1. do u ever sale ur skirts like this jean one with the lace

    1. Hi Billie,
      Thanks for inquiring. I have a shop where I sell things I make, however I don't have any of these for sale. Thanks again for following and hope you have a great day!