Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher Series, Episode 2: The Cowgirl Midi Skirt

Hey Y'all! (No...I'm not from Texas, but I am a cowgirl so it just seemed fitting to say Y'all!) Today I have the 2nd of what I hope to be many posts in a series I call "Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher." You know that I love current runway trends, but I'm also a cowgirl at heart. So in these posts I will give you current, popular trends with a dose of my cowgirl flare!
To read about the inspiration for this series you can view the post on my blog called: "Fashionable Farmer/Runway Rancher is Born!" Link Here:

This is the summer of the skirt! You are seeing either Maxi's or Midi's... I love both! So today I am giving you my "cowgirl midi skirt." The term "midi" just means that the skirt hangs from the waist and hemline is from knee to mid calf in length and the skirts are usually more full . Because I wanted to wear boots with mine I felt a hemline closer to the knee looked best. I love this type of skirt with heels also, but for today things are gettin' a little Western! I made the midi skirt I am wearing in the post today. I chose a dark chambray denim fabric. I did a pretty tight gather as to add the fullness I wanted to achieve. I love the way it turned out! It's full, flirty and fun. Then I paired the midi with a beautiful, white sheer top I found at Koodeker in SLC. (If you haven't made a stop in this quaint should!) As for accessories I chose my red Lucchese boots, a custom made turquoise beaded necklace that has a boot pendant (my momma made this for me a couple years ago, I love it!) The clutch is made of an ultra-suede and has a ruffle.(fancyewe design.) And the earrings are designed and handmade by the amazing Anna Kozole from KMK Designs Park City! I love these earrings, they are some of my favorites!! The copper cuff is designed and made by my little sister. (Man I have lots of talented women in my life!)

Maggie, my pretty little mare.

Here I'm wearing the midi with a lighter chambray denim top, also from Koodeker.

These boots were made for walkin'... And dancin' and stompin' and all things cowgirl! My fav Lucchese's.

Gettin' me some horsey kisses. Maggie is the lovin'est horse ever!! I don't mind a little mare slober.'s the headless cowgirl!!

With the white Koodeker top.

The accessories shot. Lovin' these earrings from KMK Design Park City!

With the chambray Koodeker top.

Justa swingin'!

A good shot of my "Ombre" hair. (It's called I haven't had highlights put in for too long. Watch out for the black hole. I think I like "Ombre" better!!

I think I'm looking at the dreamy guy on the other end of the camera in this one! Handy Hubby is also pretty handy at taking pics. Who knew?!

Photo shoots are way more fun with horses!!

Happy Trails from "Patch-A-Heaven"

I'm having a great time making current trends cowgirl. If you like this style, stay tuned! For now, hope you have a "Fancy Day!" Loves, Kacey


  1. Love the denim on denim!! I'm from the south so I love seeing this look. ; )

    1. Hi Laura! I love the denim on denim too! (And luv u Southern Girls!) Thanks for stopping by!! Have a fancy day!!

  2. Fun take on chambray...way to use an item outside of the box!! Thanks for linking up to the Chambray Tend Spin!!

    The Fashion Canvas

    1. Hey Erin, Thanks! Glad you dropped by. (BTW, loved your chambray and chevron look!!)

  3. Love the look and the photos were beautiful too!!

    1. Hi Mrs. A and thank you! Thanks for stopping by. Loves, Kacey