Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How To Make Your Own Pop Art Fashion

Spring in Utah!
 Hey Friends! It's snowing here today on my little "Patch-A-Heaven" so I'm inside dreaming of Spring. Spring for me means planting my garden, tending baby lambs, enjoying sunny days and Spring Fashion!
 One of my favorite trends this year at Fashion Week is the Pop Art Trend. Basically it's wearable art! Some of my favorite pieces come from Celine and Prada. So today's DIY project was inspired by those two pieces (which you can see below in my pics.) I love the runway, designer fashions, but my budget doesn't allow all designer pieces! So to supplement my closet, I'm showing how I made my own Pop Art inspired pieces, on a minimal budget! (I spent $3!)

  I already had the Fabric Paint  (purchased some at Wal-Mart and some at Joann Fabrics) from my first Pop Art Inspired T-shirt Transformation which you can view by clicking here:

  Then I went "thrifting" at our local thrift store to find a cheap sweatshirt. I found a plain white one in very good shape. $3.00. Score! Then with my sponge brush and black fabric paint, I began making my mark on the shirt. I used mostly sponge brush strokes. This is the fun part! Art is best when it's individual. So mine has some similar elements to the Celine designer tank, but then I did my own thing too. I added lips like the Prada number (I mean, who doesn't love red lips?!) To make the lips I drew the outline of the lips free hand with my red fabric marker then filled it in with the red fabric paint and sponge brush. If you aren't good at free hand, I'm sure you could google a lip template and trace it on and then fill in.

  I allowed the front to dry overnight and then finished the back the next day. Most of the runway pieces have black and white and then bright primary colors mixed in artful strokes.

Here is my white sweatshirt before I started and my inspiration found in the Mar. issue of InStyle Mag.
My favorite looks from this trend come from Celine, with Prada in a close second.

Here's my finished shirt and my inspo taken from these Prada and Celine designer runway pieces.

This is a super fun, super cheap, super fast way to add some "Art" to your Spring wardrobe!!

My ultimate favorite chambray shirt underneath, from Koo-de-Ker, SLC. And it's a beanie kind of day here in windy Utah!! As you can see now the snow has melted. You never know what you're going to get here in the Spring!
J Brand Boyfriend style jeans, from Koo-de-Ker, SLC.
Cherry Red crossover, peep toed heels from Charlotte Russe (Old)

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