Friday, January 10, 2014

Pop Art FashionTrend Inspired T-shirt Transformation

I know it's only January, but I'm already looking forward to Spring Fashion. Call me eager or call me crazy! It may be that I hate Winter, it may be that I love Fashion and Fashion Week is only a month away. Or it may be that I love the new. And if you read Vogue, they predict a new spirit of personality and individuality in fashion this year. And they say it will be the year of dressing dangerously! Are you ready for dangerous?! Well.. I'm ready, and I say BRING IT!! If there is one thing about me (good or bad), I'm not afraid to be myself. I'm not afraid to dress the way I want. I don't want to look like everyone else. Yes, I follow trends that I like, but it's much more fun to start your own! If you aren't ready for dangerous, I say just make your style more you. Let your true personality shine through in your clothes. For me, I love trying to give current runway fashion trends a dose of my own individuality, always have! And today I want to share with you one of my favorite Spring 2014 runway fashion trends....POP...ART!! It's bold, it's artsy, it's black, white and pops of color. I love the use of Primary Colors with black and white best!
I really like this trend so you will probably see it a lot in the next few months. For today I have a DIY project to share. This was inspired by my love of this trend and the awesome Celine outfit Cate Blanchett is wearing on the cover of Vogue this month. So here is my attempt to bring my own dangerous individuality to the pop art trend in the form of a T shirt transformation!

What I bought:
Fabric Paint, I chose Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint, in Metallic Black, Red, Blue and Yellow

What I already had on hand: (Because I also love creating new, trendy clothes that are easy on the budget!)
Old paint rollers, one small and smooth, and one large and textured (I have used these on various home projects, but they worked just fine! And I washed them up for use again! )
Cardboard and newspaper for mess control
Small foam paintbrushes, these are also washable and reuseable!
1 $3.00 White Fruit of the Loom Men's Large T-shirt, from Walmart (designer, I know, but it's what I had!)

What I did:
 Because the T shirt was a men's large and I'm a size 0-2 and have a female shape, I needed to take the shirt in. (Yes, I could have bought my own size, but I wanted this to be a longer, and I already had a men's shirt, so I was saving $ using the one I had)  I put the shirt on inside out and marked with safety pins where it needed to be tapered in. Then I marked lines with a pencil and cut off the excess. I cut some off the sleeves too. Then sewed the new seams with my serger, starting at the sleeve and ending at the bottom hem of the shirt. Turned it right side out, tried it on to make sure it fit and then got creative, individual and dangerous! (Yes, I'm laughing at myself saying that!!)

For the fun part......I put lots of Metallic Black paint in a piece of cardboard and rolled the small, smooth roller in it and went to town rolling it over the T-shirt (that I lined with newspaper to block transfer through to the back). Then I added the other colors using the larger, textured roller. Then I used the foam paint brushes so make some more definite lines in places. And for dangerous individuality's sake I added some art work of my own in the form of a heart, star and lips!

I really liked how it turned out!'s not the amazing Celine number, but it is dangerous individuality nonetheless!

Hope you like my little T-shirt Transformation! And I hope it inspires you to show your own "dangerous individuality" this Season!

  Here are some pics from today's project!

Here I am looking super hot in my manly T-shirt. (Sarcastic, before transformation)
Here I have marked the excess fabric to be removed using safety pins.
Here I've laid the shirt out and marked the line to sew along with a pencil.
Then I cut off the excess shirt!
Sewing the new side seam with the serger.
Here I've cut excess off the sleeves too.
My new, more girly artists palette!


My tools and Inspo!


Ready for creativity!

Let's get this party started!! Dip, roll, and repeat baby!


Now to add those pops of color!


Notice how my assistant is super careful about his paint placement! (Yes, sarcasm!) Don't be precise, just go with it and have fun!

To style the shirt I went with Moto, it's a trend hot right now and I kinda like it!
Here's the finished project!


The Jacket: Wilson Red Leather Moto, thanks to my seester (it's hers, but I thought it would look bomb with the shirt!) The Jeans J Brand Highwaist skinnies.


The Boots, Victoria Secret Motos 


  1. This is so cute! You are so amazing. I love how you can take something so plain and make it into fashionable, wearable, adorable outfits.

    1. Hi Heidi!
      Thanks for your sweet comments! And thanks for being the first to comment on this post (that means you are the winner of a fabric painting kit!) I challenged my Instagram followers and said the first one to comment on this post won and that's you babe! I'll get it ready for ya.

  2. cute stuff Kacey! love your ideas and your darling personality shinning through your posts! hope we meet again!

    1. Hi again Laurie,
      Thanks so much! It was so fun to meet, talk and hang with you at Alt. You are an amazing and talented lady and have much to offer through your art and your story! I hope we meet again too! (I feel like we are already friends!!)