Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bee Boxes

As we start to think about spring coming soon, Yay!!! (sorry I'm excited!) I dislike winter very much, I don't like to be cold. And all my favorite things happen in the spring. Gardens are planted, tulips pop up, the earth is renewed in a beautiful color palette, bees come out of hibernation and many more! But today I am blogging about a project that has been going on around this place lately. We are getting ready to add 2 more hives to our collection. We currently have 3 hives that belong to us and 4 more that live on our farm. The hive is made up of wood pieces constructed together to make a bee home. My handy husband has been putting all these pieces together in preparation for our new bees to live here. (Bless his heart, it is a tedious process, but of course it's more cost effective to get all the pieces unassembled!) The pics above show the raw materials, one handy man, and what the finished product looks like. Ta-da bee homes!

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