Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fancy Meeting Ewe

First random blogging: Welcome to my new blog! I'm Kacey Kalmar. Wife of an awesome, handy husband, stay at home mom of 3 fantastic little people. I play chef, gardener, farmer, seamstress, crafter, housekeeper, problem solver, Dr./nurse, teacher, taxi driver, laundress, psychiatrist, beekeeper, accountant, and fun director at this circus. (Please keep in mind that I have no formal degree in any of the above honorable professions.) I just enjoy pretending to be mediocre at all of them! This will be a blog of much randomness! You may see posts about children, bees, sewing, fashion, bummer lambs or anything in between. We live on what I call my little "Patch A Heaven" in West Mountain, Utah. Yes, I am a mormon. I was raised on a sheep/cattle ranch in the Sanpete Valley, that I still consider "home". I enjoy the outdoors, riding horses, fishing, camping, working on the farm, and then there's another side of me that loves fashion, make-up, high heels, and over-accessorizing my outfits, (well at least I admit it, that's the first step right?) I own a very small business called Fancy Ewe Wearables and Sweets. I mean really, really small (it's just me!) It's named after my love of raising sheep (my family has done this for generations). I make and sell lots of fun clothing, accessories and candies at boutiques and on my website I sell delicious raw honey that we harvest from our beehives every year. So that's me in a nutshell. Here are some pics of what inspired the Fancy Ewe name. (Lots of people ask, a Ewe is a female sheep, just in case you were wondering).
This is my dad and my daughters out in the Antelope Valley where we lamb our sheep in the spring.

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