Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Peculiar People

Funerals are always kind of sad and I attended one for my great aunt Drew this past Saturday. She was an intelligent, generous soul, not the church going kind of soul, but a good soul. Traditionally mormon folk have a gathering after the services to eat, visit and share memories of the dearly departed. At this luncheon the lovely ladies of the Relief Society (a women's organization in the LDS Church) provides all the food, which is made and donated by the women of the ward (congregation) and they are there during this feast to set up tables, and chairs, serve the food, wash dishes, clean up and be of any other support necessary. They do this for no monetary compensation and provide much time for those in the family to not worry about anything but being with family. I blog about this today because as I mentioned my aunt was not a church going individual, but the ladies from the ward that was closest to her were there to assist us with this luncheon even though none had ever met her. I was so grateful for those sweet ladies help that day. They were perfect examples of Christ-like, self-less service. I pray for God's blessings to shine down upon them.

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