Monday, July 16, 2012

Follow Up...To Risk or not to risk that is the question.

So I blogged back in May about my decision to risk to manufacture my first women's dress line. I am happy to announce that the bank has decided to grant me the loan! After much time, effort and expense, I signed my life away today and am off on a new adventure. Sure...I am nervous and a little scared, but I am so excited!! I have designed about 15 dresses total and will start with the manufacturing of 6 of those designs to make about 1,400 dresses total in my line to come out next Spring 2013. They will be sold on consignment on the Shabby Apple website. They accepted me into their emerging designer program and are mentoring me through the manufacturing process. I am happy to be embarking on this new venture and with a company with such great dress making success.  I will be blogging a lot about this new adventure. Right now the dresses are sketches. We are in the process of making them into actual patterns and then the first one of each style will be made (a sample) and we will make any changes to that if needed before making about 200-400 of each dress. Stay tuned for updates on Kacey's dresses!


  1. Congrats Kacey!! I am over the moon excited for you.

  2. Yay! You are so gifted in many different areas. I know you'll do amazing!!

  3. Amy and Sarah, thanks so much for your excitement and support of me on my new adventure!! I appreciate your friendship so much!! Loves!!!