Monday, July 2, 2012

Healthy Eating Tip: Try Greek Yogurt!

My kids love ranch dressing, and I'm not sure love is a strong enough word! They want to drown everything in ranch!! And I love the Hidden Valley Ranch Packet that you mix with mayo and milk, it tastes fresher and better than the stuff in the bottle, I think. But, in my attempt to get my children to eat healthier food, ranch had to be improved! I tried using Fage Strained Greek Yogurt (got it at Costco) instead of traditional mayo and I love it! It's tangier and lighter tasting and so much better for you. This yogurt has no fat compared to the 10g of fat per tablespoon of mayo! This greek yogurt has only 9g of sugar compared to another popular vanilla yogurt that has a whopping 33g of sugar per cup. I never realized how much sugar can be in yogurt, wowza! And this Greek yogurt has 23g of protein vs. 10g in the other vanilla. I'm sure there are lots of other ways you could substitute this tangy, thick yogurt, I'm thinking it would be good in the cucumber sauce you make to put on gyros too. I have also tried the Fage individual packaged Greek yogurts with the fruit, very yummy! (And no the Fage people do not pay  me to advertise their products, I just think they are good!) Now...we will just see if the kids notice the difference!

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