Friday, July 6, 2012

Gift idea, themed aprons!

I like to give personalized gifts to say thanks to a person who has done something nice. One of my favorite things to give is a personalized apron. I have done many like camo if they are hunters, holiday themes such as Christmas or Thanksgiving (maybe for those who are hosting all those parties/dinners), whatever the person is into, that's what I try to make. The latest one I did was a cabin themed apron for my grandmother to give to her friend who is hosting their class reunion at their cabin. I thought this was a great idea to show your appreciation with a cabin themed, handmade gift! When I was picking out the fabric at the local quilt shop, the lady behind the counter said "I would have never thought of making an apron out of that fabric" and I thought to myself "why not?" I think personalized or theme aprons are so fun! Here's the one I made for my grandma, it has bears, moose, fish, trees, deer, cabins, fly fishing gear, canoes and I'm sure it will be worn for lots of yummy food fixed at their cabin for many years to come!