Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Accidental Blackberry Syrup" Recipe

I don't serve this with Basil, but it needed green, sorry!!
So if you read my "Home-made Blackberry Jelly" blog post you know that I had a brawl with my trusty food mill. And if you read it, you know that I lost some of the extracted juice and that meant I didn't have enough for the Syrup Recipe I had intended to make, but more than enough juice for the Jelly Recipe, so I had about a cup of juice left over. So in my attempt to use all of that precious juice that almost made me say lots of swear words, I came up with a new twist on an old favorite! In a long ago post I shared a recipe from my childhood, "Special Syrup", which we love to eat on "Magic" German Pancakes. This left over blackberry juice went into a new concoction I call "Accidental Blackberry Syrup." My kids wanted me to make a batch of German Pancakes because after school they were starving. So I had to give this recipe a go and it went something like this.....

In a medium sauce pan add one stick butter, 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream, 1/2 cup of (precious, freshly squeezed while almost swearing) blackberry juice, 1 cup white sugar. Heat on high and stir with wire whisk until comes to a boil and then serve warm over German Pancakes for a super yummy after school snack! Or more typically at the breakfast table.

So moral of this story is...sometimes what you intend to do doesn't work out. But then something even better happens, like a batch of jelly and a bonus new recipe "Accidental Blackberry Syrup!" Just have to remind me of these positives when I am having an all out rumble with the food mill! Glad I didn't swear over the ordeal by the way! It took some restraint believe you me!!


  1. The syrup looks amazing! What a happy mistake.

  2. p.s. you did so much better than me, I would have said swearwords and too many of them.

    1. Ha, ha! Amy, trust me, it took restraint!! And it was really yummy! Definitely a happy mistake!