Saturday, August 11, 2012

Butterfly Birthday Party!

Both of my girls birthdays are in the summer and we love to party! My youngest daughter wanted a butterfly party this year. This is what I did.

    •  Found some invitations at the store that went along with the butterfly theme, (great, one less thing to make! I love to scrapbook and paper craft, but this preparation for party was the same time I was getting ready to go on vacation, so one less thing to make...less stress for me!)
    • Bought butterfly wings for each invited guest at the dollar store, score!
    • Bought butterfly nets also $1.00 at my local grocery store, also score!
    • Made antennae for each girl out of plastic headbands, pipe cleaners and pom poms.
    • Hired a local face painter to come during the party. She painted different kinds of butterflies on the girls faces, they loved it!
    • Made cupcakes and decorated them with butterfly and flower sprinkles and then topped with green "chocolate" coating wafers, that I melted and put into a pastry bag/small tip and piped out creatures freehand that sort of resembled butterflies, this worked well, make sure to keep in fridge, they dry hard but melt quickly when you live in dry, hot Utah!
    • Played "Caterpillar, Caterpillar, Butterfly", like the game "Duck, Duck, Goose" used a butterfly wand to tap the girls heads.
    • Played game where we had the girls wrap each other in toilet paper, (simulating a cocoon), the first ones to use the whole toilet paper roll, first, won. Then they broke out of their cocoons. 
    • Chased real butterflies around the yard using their new nets, the girls were not fast or sneaky enough to actually catch one, but they had a good time and wore off some of the sugar!
    • I hid candy in the bushes and trees and they pretended it was pollen and nectar they were collecting.
    Overall, it was a fun party. Another satisfied birthday girl and a tired mommy! (Definitely worth it!)


    1. You throw the best parties and this one is so cute!! So are your girlies, absoluting darling.