Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why is it so hard to send your little kids to school?

Today my oldest started school. This is not her first year (we have done this before) but...I still find it so hard to let her go. Why do I feel like I'm throwing meat to the dogs? Seriously, she is very capable of leaving me and going to school. Why do I feel so uneasy about letting her go? I'm sure all moms feel a little this way, but I thought it would get easier as she got older... not so much! I know I have done all I can to have prepared her for this day, however I still worry about her safety, are kids being nice to her, is she being nice to other kids, does her teacher appreciate her sweet nature and over look her day dreaming, will she get on the right bus to come home, there are so many things I worry about and just wish I could shrink to pocket size so I was there if she needed me. Life doesn't work that way and I have to accept that my babies are growing up and I can't be with them every second. So until next week when I send a kindergartener to school for the first time, I will try to keep my mind from wandering into  freaky mom zone! Best Wishes to you all for back to school time, may you not be as freaked out as I am!

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