Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Project Denim", Diminishing The Jean Pile, Episode: 6

Well to say that I still have a gigantic pile of used denim jeans would be an understatement!! It has gotten smaller with all these denim projects, however I still have quite a ways to go. So here's another idea of things to do with old worn out denim jeans. I made a pillow cover out of the denim and then embellished with petals making a flower on the front. I bought some pillows at Joann several months ago with the intention of making new throws for my bed. (Hadn't gotten to it yet!) So I started today! My bed is covered with a rustic colored, star quilt that I made several years ago. It has blues and my style is warm and rustic, country so I think the denim addition works nicely. You could always use them for outdoor furniture d├ęcor pillows if your bedroom doesn't do denim! This was simple and went together really fast! Hopefully these posts about using old denim is inspiring you to do something awesome with yours! If it is, I would love to hear about it and see it! Best wishes for diminishing that pile! Have a fancy day from my little "Patch-A-Heaven!"

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