Monday, September 9, 2013

Prayers For SpongeBob

Prayer is such an amazing thing! It's what allows us to communicate our deepest feelings, problems, worries, calls for help, and gratitude for blessings to the Divine. If I fail at everything else in my attempts to teach my children, this is the one thing I want my children to understand: Who they are (children of a loving Heavenly Father), Where they came from (Heaven with Him), Where they are going (Back to live in His presence), and what to do while they are here on earth (seek to have His help in all things.) So prayer is something we do around here regularly. Usually you can find us saying our nightly prayers together, however there are times when I allow my kids to go it alone. I feel that it's important for them to learn that their prayers are their own and their relationship with God is their own, (I'm here to guide them in learning to reach out to Him) so I allow them some alone time with God. Now, that doesn't mean I'm not outside the door, dropping eves once in a while! This is just to I can see if they are "getting it." So that brings me to today's post, the other evening I decided to allow them to pray on their own. I proceeded to begin my own nightly routine. I wasn't really listening until I heard something unusual, but very sweet at the same time.  As I walked into my closet I heard, "and please bless SpongeBob that he will have a good night's rest, and bless Squidward that he will get better at playing his clarinet, and please bless Patrick that he will be smart, and please bless Mr. Crabs that he won't be so greedy." I really couldn't help but chuckle a little under my breath! It was silly because these characters aren't real, but she was so sincere in it that I had to feel proud of her. (God wants us to pray for things with a deep sincerity and this is one thing I've been trying to teach them.) Now you might think this completely off the wall and think that I should intervene and say that we shouldn't pray for "people" who aren't even real. But it's my opinion that, it was perfect! She saw needs in "her world" though it be fictional, she was thinking and praying for others besides herself. She was communicating the feelings of her heart and thoughts of her mind to her God. I have heard my kids pray for real people in the same manner, and I know others have been blessed by their diligent prayers, but this one just tickled me and I've been thinking about it a lot so thought I'd share! I'm not a big SpongeBob fan, and we don't watch it often, but it inspired a heartfelt prayer and for that I'm grateful. Children are so pure, innocent and kind by nature and it's inspiring to hear their prayers. Today I'm grateful for a loving Father in Heaven and that He hears and answers our prayers. Hope you all have a super day! Much love from "Patch-A-Heaven."

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