Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kids Project: How to Make Heart Shaped, Hanging Bird Feeders

Valentine's Day is close and I love finding different craft projects to do with my kids. Today's project is
super easy, but quite messy! So if you are a non-mess making mom, you better steer clear of this one! But if you are okay with a little peanut butter and sprinklings of wild bird seed...well...read on!

It's cold and wintery here, but there are still a few little birdies around. So we thought we'd show a little love to our birdy friends this Valentine's Day, by making some heart shaped bird feeders to hang around the yard.

Like I said, they are messy, but fun, and my kids really got into it! They enjoyed making and hanging them, but they really loved watching for the birds. They were glued to the window with their binoculars (not that they needed them, but they brought even more fun!)

To make these, you will need:
Old Bread
Heart Cookie Cutter
Peanut Butter
Wild Bird Seed
Ribbon to hang

We began by cutting hearts out of the bread with the cookie cutters. Poured some bird seed out into a 9x13 pan. Then we spread peanut butter onto the front and sides of the bread heart, then dropped it (peanut butter side) into the bird seed to coat, then spread peanut butter on the other "naked" side and coated it in bird seed too, so the heart was now completely covered in bird seed. Then I used a butter knife to make a small slit in the bread to thread the ribbon through. (Make the slit at least 1 1/2" from the top, so it won't pull through.) Then we tied a bow at the top of the ribbon and they were ready to hang.

I was really surprised that these held up so well! I was afraid the weight might pull it through, but it has been raining and windy here the past few days, and they are still going strong. I saw a lot more action on them from the birds today! (It may take a few days for the birds to realize what they are and come around)
One of my little loves using the cookie cutter.

Cute little bread heart!
Ready for the dip into the bird seed.
Spreading PB on the "Naked" side.

Many hands make light work (or big messes) But much fun was had!

Thoroughly sprinkled and ready for ribbon.

Hanging them in the trees.

Little Bird Watchers!

One hanging from my favorite little tree!


  1. O.K. little miss crafty mc-craft craft, I have a challenge for you. With all these prom dates coming up and the creative ways people are picking up from Pintrest, I was wondering if you had any awe inspiring new ways to ask a date or answer a date for prom? Something that not everyone else is doing, you know us country folk like to think outside the box, but seem to get stuck inside it. So...whatcha got girl?

    1. Wow...now that is a challenge for a person who doesn't even have Prom on her radar yet!! (With kids 8,6, and 3, I'm trying to put that off as long as possible!) But, I will give that some thought and see what I can come up with! (I totally understand the Pinterest dilemma!) I'll get back to ya on this one...soon!
      Loves, Kacey