Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Did you know you could do this with hot glue?!

And there I was in my kitchen at about 8 o'clock last night hanging out with my kids and trying to finish up the craft project I was working earlier that day. The project was almost done, but it was missing something. I wanted one last little touch to go on the tile heart! Just the word LOVE...That's all, I don't ask for much! But, I didn't have anything that would work. I didn't want to go out in search of something this late in the evening. (It was approaching bed time for heaven sakes!)

And then....I blew my own feeble mind with what came next! I thought to myself, I said "self, what if you wrote the words out in hot glue and then it dried?" But, I didn't want to write it directly onto the tiles, because I had never tried writing words with hot glue before. I didn't want to ruin the tile project I had just pieced together, if it looked bad. So here's the epiphany folks!! I decided to try and write the letters out using hot glue, but onto a piece of parchment paper. Because my food doesn't stick to it, so maybe hot glue won't stick either, right?! And guess what? It worked. It totally worked!! It worked so good I almost freaked out!!

I was able to write the lettering I wanted, let it completely dry/harden. And then gently peeled it off...and (in my best Belt from the Crood's voice) Duh-Duh-Duh!! I had the lettering I wanted. Then my obsession with gold spray paint got the better of me and I spray painted the letters. And then my crazy desire for glitter kicked in, and I tried some glittered ones! And then my kids saw what fun I was having and they joined in. And at the end of the night I got a "You are the best mom ever!" statement from my 6 year old. And I love that!! What a little glue, glitter and spray paint, and a half an hour won't do to make little girls (and big girls) happy!
Here are some of the words I did and then spray painted or put glitter on while the glue was still wet. For the glitter you need to sprinkle while the glue is still wet. But for the spray paint, let the glue dry completely first, then spray.
And here is the LOVE lettering right smack dab in the middle of shiny tiles!
Now for the tips/tricks for doing this with hot glue:
Parchment paper is what you pipe the glue out onto.
Use the longest glue sticks you have (so you don't run out of glue before you finish your word) it works best to keep the glue coming out as evenly as possible. You don't want stopping and starting a lot. And you don't want globs.
Try to keep even pressure and movements.
Practice makes perfect. (or good enough!)

Stop back by tomorrow to see the whole project! There's a tutorial and a challenge to make a project using just one yard of fabric!

For now I'm going to take my feeble, blown mind off to bed! Happy Crafting Peeps!! Love ya much.


  1. This is awesome!!!! When Laynie sees this I'm seriously going to have some hot glue gun projects running rampid! Too fun! "Who woulda thunk." :)

    1. Thanks Heidi! It really is kind of amazing! Exactly..who woulda thunk?!!
      As always I appreciate your support of this blog
      xoxo, Kacey