Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Kids

"Valentine, You make my head spin! Today I'm sharing a Valentine's Day gift idea. This is what my girls will be giving to their girl friends this year. I have lots of fabric scraps around at all times, so I make lots of headbands for my girls! I bought some Valentine's Day themed fabric last year and had leftovers. So I made a few for their Valentine's. I packed a hand made, fabric headband and some candies in the Valentine's Day Themed Cellophane bags. Then stapled a home made heart Valentine that says "Valentine, You Make My Head Spin!'  (we printed on Microsoft Word on white paper), then glued it to another larger red construction paper heart, hole punched a hole in the heart, threaded a Valentine's Day ribbon through, made a bow and ta-da! The headbands I make are plain and simple. They tie in a bow under their hair. You could very easily use store bought headbands and the idea would still be way cute and different. I'm always up for ideas that aren't all candy!

Here are some pics of our project:

We hope you have a "Head Spinning" Valentine's Day this year! Happy Valentine's Day from our little "Patch-A-Heaven!"