Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's That Time of Year Again. Baby Bummer Lambs Everywhere!

I mentioned to Handy Hubby the other day that I needed to get ready for lambs as they would be starting to lamb at the ranch soon. He looked at me and said "you don't have to do that. I make enough money that you don't need to raise lambs anymore." And he's right. He takes really good care of me and I certainly cannot complain! (There was a time in our marriage that construction was to put it nicely...really crappy! And I felt I needed to raise lambs for extra money. Having enough at the end of the summer for a couple of house payments if we needed was comforting and reassuring to me, and a way that I could contribute to our income while taking care of our kids at the same time.)
Here are some of this years babies. They are cuties!!

The reason for my raising bummer lambs has changed. And he's right...I don't have to. I actually like to. It gives me satisfaction to do it. Yes, it takes a lot of work! Yes, it takes a while to get paid. Yes, if we go on vacation I have to find a milk maid. But...I still like it. Call me crazy! Part of me wants to be a full time farmer/rancher, so this satisfies that desire. And the last reason is that it's really good for my kids!! They are getting big enough now to be really good help and since we don't "need" the money anymore to sustain our life, we can use it for "fun money!" 3 years ago, my kids wanted to go to  Disney World and I told them we could go if they would help me feed lambs all summer and not complain. So it was really great! I would say "let's go feed lambs" and if anyone groaned...all I had to say was "Disney World!" and the groaning halted immediately! So this year, my oldest daughter said "Mom, I want a tree house." And I thought to myself "that's a great idea!" So we made another deal. They would help me feed and care for the lambs and at the end of the summer when we sell them we will use the money to build a tree house. They are excited and it gives them a good opportunity to work hard and earn money for something they want! So this summer we are working for a tree house!

Turns daughters are better at this lamb raising thing than I am! They give tender kisses and hugs too!!

It really is a miracle that this lamb can walk on his he gets carried almost everywhere!! He is her pride and joy!!

She just got done at the 4-H Livestock Show with her show lamb and had her babies to feed.

The ones that are harder to get to eat, mom gets at first, but once they are all bottle trained they are the girls job.

"Come on...don't you want a little more?"

Even the little guy can help (he's only 3 but a big time helper!!)

And this is the time saving feeding system my Handy Hubby rigged up for us! (We love him!!)

Because hand feeding 24 lambs takes one hour and we feed 3-4 times a day...Once all the lambs can stay on the nipple and suck on their own, we use the feeding system. It saves time and backs!

We started with 24, we lost one to bloat (darn that green pasture) I tried my darn'dst to save him, to no avail. We lost one to Pneumonia...again, tried like heck, fed him via stomach tube for 4 days straight while giving medication and he still wouldn't eat on his own. And the last one we lost, I think got smothered in the night by his pasture mates. So we have 21 thriving little lambies!

The kids (girls in particular) are learning so many lessons from this adventure. They are learning hard work, and the value of a dollar, caring for animals, dedication, time management, listening and obeying their mother (still working on that one!) But all I have to say is "are you getting a tree house or am I getting Valentino's?! And they come running! (Cause if I was the only one feeding all these lambs all the time, I would definitely buy me some Red Patent Leather Bow or Studded Valentino's!!)

Well, better go make sure the girls fed their lambs!

Happy Sunday from our little "Patch-A-Heaven!!"

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  1. I think its great you raise lambs and enjoy seeing that side of ag, keep the posts coming!
    I am not as familiar with sheep since that is the one animal our family never raised. The feeding "machine" is awesome, what a great idea.