Friday, May 9, 2014

Our Angel's 31st Birthday!

My girls and their Angel. (With a few dog and lamb photo bombs in the background!)

I have had the great opportunity of knowing many a good horses in my life, but today we are celebrating an extra special mare. Her name is Angel. She turned 31 years old yesterday! If you aren't too familiar with the life expectancy of the equine species...31 is very old!! We have been very lucky to have her last this long and still be in such great health. Sure she is slower than she used to be, skinnier (even though we feed her LOTS!) She has her challenges, but she still has a love of life! And we are so grateful to have her in our lives. She was born on my cousin's ranch in Randolph and served many years there as a cutting/rope/ranch horse, she had many foals, she retired and moved to Herriman where she taught my niece the value of a good horse, she survived colic surgery at the age of 28! She then moved to our house last summer and has given my kids, as well as many other kids in our 4-H riding group the confidence they needed to succeed. She is the best kind of horse to learn on because she neck reins like a cutting horse, so little people can learn to steer without frustration, she stops on a dime, and goes without hesitation when little legs ask. She is really the best kids horse I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! (And I have had lots of good ones.)
Because she means so much to us and we know she won't last forever, we showered her with extra love and care yesterday in her special day. We made her a "horse birthday cake" and then we had cupcakes and ice cream cones, we bought her a new purple halter. And she got lots of grooming and loving!

We are grateful for this great horse in our lives and wish her many more days with us!

Thanks Angel!!

The "Horse Cake"

She's checking out her cake!

Below are some memories with this special mare.
Practicing at 4-H
My niece riding her at a horse show a few years ago.
My daughter wanted her baptism pic to include her Angel.
Learning a Trail Course.


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    1. Hi Home on the Range Exchange, Thanks so much! It was really fun to celebrate this amazing mare!!