Sunday, May 25, 2014

Still Having A Ball At 90! Birthday Party Decor

This is my sweet Granny, isn't she beautiful?! I hope I'm as pretty as she is when I'm 90!!
Maybe some of you have been wondering where I have been recently. I've been around! I've just been super busy with lots of important (to me) projects! One of the most important projects I had been working on was decorations for my sweet Granny's 90th Birthday party! She is such an amazing woman and I wanted to honor her with some super duper decorations for her party. My Aunts delegated us all jobs, I got the job of table centerpieces. My Aunt had seen a theme that she liked (maybe on Pinterest?) that was "Still Having a "Ball" at 90!" And that's the theme they wanted to roll with. My Granny's era was made up of hard working, penny pinching, use it til it can't be used no more...then fix it, and canning/bottling was a big part of that. So I thought it was very fitting. I didn't check Pinterest or any other sites when making my décor. I just went with her theme and did my own thing. I have a new Cricut Explore Machine that I was super excited about using for this project...And man, did I use it!!

Here is what I did:

Here are 3 of the 9 Centerpieces. I used Ball Wide Mouth Vintage Mason Jars, I spray painted them and then antiqued them in the lettering areas with a piece of sand paper. I wrapped a bow around the top of the jar and my amazing floral shop owner friend filled them with gorgeous flowers. I wanted a vintage/rustic feel.

I liked the lace doily look of this table cloth and on the tables we had paper doily's that I had spray painted cream colored.

I bought this Burlap Plate at Hobby Lobby, it was plain when I started. I used my Cricut Explore to cut out the flowers and the letters. Then I used Mod Podge to make them stick. The Jar hanging down was also made with the Cricut Explore. I dabbed blue and cream colored paint around the sides/bottom of the plate to look like flowers and add the colors. Just a little FYI the Cricut didn't handle cutting burlap well, so the burlap flowers were hand cut or purchased at Hobby Lobby also.

I then wanted to continue the theme, colors and décor into other areas of the room, not just the tables. So I made this ribbon garland. I used satin ribbon, burlap ribbon, lace ribbon and fabric and cut outs from my Cricut machine. There are flowers, apples and 90's cut out of paper using the Cricut Explore and then sewn with the sewing machine onto some of the ribbons.

Here is a little closer view of the garland. My favorite cut out is the apple, the intracut cuts you can make on this machine are amazing!

As the centerpieces on the tables I used the quart jar with the flowers and then to compliment the canning theme I used a pint of pear jam that was a golden yellow color, accented with ruffled burlap ribbon, satin ribbon wrapped around and tied in a bow and I also spray painted the jar rings. The small 1/2 pint jar is a cute shaped, vintage inspired Ball jar filled with Strawberry Jam, I spray painted the jar ring cream colored and used a piece of cream lace fabric to trap between the lid and ring of the jar. I placed all 3 of these in the center of the tables at the party.

Then I made another banner with the theme "Still Having a Ball at 90!" I used Burlap ribbon as the base, then made lots of banner cut outs using my Cricut Explore and lots of Jar cut outs that I embellished with lettering, flowers, the apple and the 90. I hot glued all the lettering to the Burlap ribbons, using a ruler to make them exactly 3" apart. (lay everything out where you want it before you start to glue to make sure you have enough room)

Then using one of my old canning racks (that goes inside the pot, that holds the bottles) I made this ribbon hanging. I spray painted the rack (it was old and rusty) then I tied pieces of ribbon onto it. And tied the theme in with the "Still Having a Ball at 90!" banner hanging a bit lower.

I worked on these decorations for 2 weeks (in between feeding lambs and my normal routine) and I could have worked on it forever! It was so much fun to create something for someone who means so much to me! You may look and go...all that work, money, time and you could have just bought some cheaper party store decorations, and I could have. But I have decided that one way that I show people that I love them, is I make stuff. That's just me, my way. So if you have ever received something from me that I made, please feel very loved. If I make something for you...I love you!!

I had so much fun making this and her party was so nice! I'm so glad I got to help make it a special day for her. Granny if you read this, know that you have always been an amazing example in my life and I'm so glad to have had you as my Grandma!

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