Thursday, March 8, 2012

Home on the Range

At the ranch baby lambs are starting to be born, one of my most favorite things that happens every spring.  During the summer time the herds go on the mountain to graze. While they are out on the mountain range they need constant watch care by a good shepherd. These sheepherders need a place to call home during this time. These rustic homes are called sheep camps. They are similar to a camper or trailer but with some differences. They are made to pull behind a pick up truck, up and down steep terrain. They are equipped with a wood burning stove for warmth, a bed to crash on, a pull out table to eat on. Which brings me to the inspiration for this post. My father in law has one of these camps that lives at my house when not in use. I walked by it the other day to check on our bees and it brought back some pretty sweet memories. When I was young, one of my favorite things was to go to the herd with my dad to check on the sheep, the herder, bring supplies and move the camp closer to the grazing herd. When we got done with our work the herder would make us home-made tortillas on his wood burning stove. I have made tortillas so many times, but can never get close to the taste that he was able to create in that rustic camp. We ate them with only butter but they were fantastic. I can't walk by a sheep camp or eat a hot tortilla without thinking of our trips to the sheep range. If you ever get a chance to eat a mutton and sour dough dinner made by a real sheepherder, made in a real sheep camp, don't pass it up!

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