Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tooth Fairy Door Hanger Craft

When I was a child I remember putting my tooth under my pillow and in the morning like magic the tooth fairy would have exchanged the tooth for money. Now that I have kids of my own I often wondered how the "tooth fairy" made that exchange without waking me up. Have you seen the size of a 6 year old's baby tooth, they are so tiny!! And where on earth is it under this huge pillow?! So with that in mind, when my daughter started to lose her teeth we would put the tooth in a bowl on her doll house by the door. During the exchange I would hear a suspicious tinkling sound as the sleepy tooth fairy fumbled to find the tooth in the bowl. And our tooth fairy is, by nature always in a hurry (even in her sleep) so we thought we would make things easier for her. I made this tooth fairy door hanger by drawing a tooth template on paper, and cut two out of fabric, then sewed the two tooth pieces together using my machine, (using 1/4" seam allowance) making sure to leave a hole to then turn inside out and stuffed with cotton balls (as I'm into using whatever you have around the house and I was out of pillow batting). Once stuffed I sewed the hole shut, drew on some eyes with a Sharpie (next time I will get the eyes more even, ha, ha I think she's winking!) Or maybe it's bad Botox! Then I made a tutu with some left over fabric from another project, ruffled it using the Bernina ruffling foot attachment, love, love that foot!! Cut out a simple purse from a bamboo felt scrap, and went to town with the hot glue gun, gluing on rhinestones into a crown on her head, on her tutu, purse, and glued on a leftover piece of gold braided rope for the door hanger part. The one pictured here was the trial/first one made, the changes I would make to improve upon it would be using tulle for the tutu instead of what I used. I would use coordinating ribbon for the hanger part. I would do a better job at drawing eyes or maybe even get some googly ones and hot glue on instead. I will improve upon this rough draft and the real thing can be viewed or purchased on my website soon. This one has a purse that has a small pocket for the tooth in the front of the purse and the other part of the purse holds the cash! 4/13/12 I added a pic of the template I drew for the tooth pattern and the second tooth fairy door hanger I made. This time I did a heart pocket on the front of the tooth and a bigger pocket on the back for the money. Didn't do the face and used tulle.

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