Friday, April 13, 2012

Fabric Corsage Video Tutorial

I have had a website for a while now where I sell things that I make. I have decided that there are lots of others out there like me who enjoy making things themselves. So to embrace the DIY movement I have decided to share some of the things I make on this blog. So if you are a DIY person feel free to use what you see here, just please credit if you will. If you are the type that just wants to buy what you see and forget making it yourself, feel free to visit the Fancy Ewe Wearables website at to purchase. The first video tutorial I have done is for an accessory I created called the fabric corsage. It is basically a bracelet made out of fabric that looks beautiful with any special occasion attire, I recommend them for weddings, proms, give as a baptism gift, or I just like to wear mine to church! If you want to see how I made these please view the video tutorial below. (Here's the disclaimer: please forgive our first video experience, bless my husband's heart he did great at taping me while holding our 1 year old son, who you hear several times during the video.At the end the cute little guy had me totally distracted, but that's okay. Please realize I'm a wife and mom first so you will see/hear children probably more than you won't! Please forgive the water mark in the center and the fuzziness. We will learn from this and try to make it better next time! As you will learn I am a perfectionist, just a little! And things like this bug me!)

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