Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hello!!........Is anybody out there???........

Today as I was feeding lambs, spraying 2-4-D on the masses of dandelions I have in my lawn right now and cleaning my house, I was pondering what to blog about. Hmmm......it came to me! Is anyone out there? Is anyone reading this blog. Is anyone finding this blog helpful, inspiring or in any way amusing?  Got me wondering. If there is life out there, please leave some footprints so I know you visited. Tell me what you like about the blog. Tell me what you don't like about it if you want, but I must tell ya, this is me so if ya don't like it I'm sorry! I respect your opinion but gotta be me! The other thing I was thinking is keeping perspective on things. Keeping the "blogging time" to a balanced amount as to keep important things priority. (You know like feeding and loving your kids, keeping the family in clean clothes and such!) So this is one reason my blogs are short and sweet! Gotta get back to my life!! Anyway, if anyone is reading this blog, please say hello once in a while and thanks for stopping by! With love, Kacey


  1. I'm here! I read and love every minute of it. Keep blogging!! (reading also makes me miss you that much more)

  2. Is this my long lost friend Amy?? If it is...I miss you too!!! And oh so glad someone is reading, LOL!! You are the best!