Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Passion for Fashion, wool anyone?

I love, love, love fashion, you could say I have a passion for fashion! ( I made a rhyme!) I love a beautiful retro style dress, the latest trend in blouses, or a pretty clutch, like the gorgeous Kate Spade I got to model on Studio 5 back in July thanks to Miss Ali Henrie! (I still dream of that darling clutch!) If you want to see this beautiful thing you can view it on Ali's blog, which is also fantastic, it's alihenrie.blogspot.com, it's under her Aug.2, 2011 blog. As I said I still dream of this clutch, it was the ultimate accessory! As I was pondering the memory of this lovely clutch I had a reality check to the accessories I wear most lately. Um...do lambs and milk bottles count?! It's spring and at my house that means baby lambs that have to be fed lots of times a day. So my pretties are hiding underneath brown covy's and rubber boots. Accessories consist of lambs, milk bottles and the occasional feeding tube around my neck. What can I say, I love fashion, of every kind!! (Even the farm girl get up!)

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