Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fashion Peeves

The other day I was surfing Pinterest for a minute and some comments caught my eye. It was someone's fashion pet peeve. I gathered that they didn't like it when people wear inexpensive clothing with expensive designer pieces. Got me thinking, I love to mix and match stuff, and that's part of my style! I admit I have worn a $10.00 Walmart dress with $400.00 cowboy boots. I love to wear a $5.00 clearance jacket with $200.00 Steve Madden boots. I love trendy, designer stuff, just can't afford to always have everything "designer" and I say what's wrong with mixing and matching as long as it looks good?! Some may not agree, and that's okay. One of the things I have learned about fashion is that everyone's style is a little different, and that is what makes it fun and interesting. So next time you see me and I'm wearing your fashion peeve please forgive me. I'm okay with what I'm wearing or I wouldn't have stepped out the door. So what's my fashion peeve you ask?Well I do have them too. For starters, Crocs I think of as garden shoes and Uggs I would slip on to go out and get wood off the porch, but neither would I wear out and about. Having said that, if you like them by all means wear them! Just cuz I don't like them doesn't mean you shouldn't!(Oh and if I do see you in them I am not judging you!) Today's blog is dedicated to loving yourself and your own style! Just because someone else doesn't like it... wear it anyway! There used to be so many rules about fashion, like not wearing white shoes after Labor Day and such, but now a days I think anything goes! So embrace your own personal style and learn to love the skin you're in or the clothes you chose!


  1. Loved this post/mini rant lol
    Made me laugh to think that there are people out there who can actually afford full designer outfits without considering that there are people who don't have the cash for that
    My biggest peeve at the moment would have to patterned leggings xx

  2. Hi Kez! Glad u liked the rant! I know what u mean about the full designer outfit, personally have never owned one! Not cuz I'm against it, just my pocket book is! Remind me to keep my zebra leggings to myself, LOL! Thanks for stopping by!