Monday, September 24, 2012

Berry Cream Trifle Recipe....Mmm...Mmm!

It is really starting to feel like Fall here on my "Patch A Heaven" so I thought I'd better get one last berry picking in before they are gone. As I have said before, there is a fantastic U-Pick berry farm just down the road from me. I wanted to get one more batch of blackberry jelly in the bottle, but their season is almost over, however the raspberries are still going strong. So I picked what blackberries there were left (not enough to make the jelly I had planned, but enough to eat) and then went after some raspberries. But I already did raspberry jam and felt like I had enough so I decided to pick them to make yummy desserts instead. (My lucky family!) So I'm sure you are all familiar with The Pioneer Woman, she's pretty sensational! Well she has this recipe for a cream sauce that is out of this world. It reminds me of Creme Brulee, my ultimate favorite dessert. So I made a batch of this to spoon over my fresh berries, which is to die for in itself. But then I got an idea to use it in a trifle and it turned out way yummy so I thought I would share what I did. (Oh and don't be surprised if your tongue slaps your eyebrows trying to lick up all that Sweet Cream, or if you have a strong desire to lick the bowl clean, that's completely normal, I won't tell anyone!!) It's heaven!

1 batch of Pioneer Woman's Sweet Cream Pioneer Woman's Recipe for Blackberries with Sweet Cream
3 Cups fresh picked blackberries
3 Cups fresh picked raspberries
2 small tubs of Cool Whip
1 yellow cake, baked and cut into cubes

First get the recipe for the Sweet Cream from the link above. Then get your cake baking, then when it's in the oven start your cream sauce, once it's to your thickness liking take it off heat and put bowl in ice bath to rest and cool, when cake is cool enough to handle cut it into small cubes, then when cool make one layer of cubes in the bottom of your trifle bowl, then put the layer of raspberries over the cake, then drizzle 1/2 of the sweet cream mixture that you have made over the berries and cake, then layer one of the small tubs of Cool Whip and then repeat a cake layer, then the blackberry layer then the other 1/2 of the Sweet Cream and then the other tub of Cool Whip, reserve enough berries to garnish the top to make it pretty.