Friday, September 14, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness, I encourage them!

So in the spirit of making the world around us a better place, I want to post about random acts of kindness and what they do for the souls of those around us. I love watching random acts of kindness occur around me. The sweet gestures that people show to others. This post was inspired by a couple of events in last few days. One occurred this morning as I was driving to Walmart, I saw a panhandler with a sign asking for money and a gentleman going out of his way to give that needy person some money. I also happened to be at Walmart the day before (Walmart is not always the best place to witness RAK, but for some reason Walmart was included in each of my stories, I think I just go there too often!) So...I saw this darling little old lady walking around Walmart. I couldn't help but notice she looked really nice, like she had put a lot of effort into her appearance that day. (I don't know if she looks like this normally, or if it was a special occasion, but she looked really nice.) She was dressed in a crisp white blouse and a cute jumper dress that was the most beautiful striking purple color. (Very on trend for striking primary colors this fall.) And she just stood out. I watched her walk by, I checked out and as I was leaving the store, there she sat by the door on a bench by the ice machine. I walked up and just said, "You look really cute in your purple dress today" and you can't believe the most beautiful facial expression of joy and happiness that I received for that little compliment. I wish I had been taping this interaction because I have never witnessed such a spontaneous joyful facial expression in my life! I can still see that sweet little face. And I know I made her day. I'm not telling you this because I'm so good or that I wan't to toot my own horn, but just to say that we can be of such good to other people just from simple random acts of kindness. Because of the great satisfaction of joy that I experienced from that brief moment I am going to make it my goal to deliver at least on random act of kindness to someone else each day. Now this is not difficult. I'm sure we see much good around us each day, but what happiness could we bring to others by simply mentioning it. I'm not talking about flattery here, I'm not talking about being superficial or saying things that we don't mean. I'm talking about, if we see someone doing something well, or looking particularly nice that day that we mention it. I think everyone could use a random act of kindness in their lives, I'm going to try to be better at this.

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