Thursday, November 15, 2012

Frumpy Mommy...I guess I'm totally busted!

Okay here is the outfit in question.
And I must admit, I don't look as sexy in it as she does, Lol!
So I guess I have a fashion confession to make...I guess I wear a certain lilac colored velour "warm up" suit a little too much! This morning as I was throwing on my favorite kid waking, diaper changing, kid dressing, breakfast making, pb&j making, get them out the door by 8:15 outfit, my daughter says to me "mom, why do you wear that everyday?"  Well...I guess it never occurred to her that when she gets home I am usually wearing something totally different. I must justify just a little bit here. It's true, I admit it! Sometimes I do stay in this comfy, ensemble all day, but it's usually when I plan on not leaving the house. It's what I love to lounge in on a Sunday afternoon, it's what I love to clean in. And I'm a night owl! I can't seem to get myself up and get totally ready before my kids get up. I know, I'm a slacker! I wake up at 7:15 AM same as my kids, but I stay up lots later than they do! So I get up, throw on this "warm up" suit and get them out the door. Then I come back and get myself presentable to the rest of the world. (But, I actually got the suit because I felt like it was acceptable enough that if someone actually caught me in it outside of my house, say taking the kids to school or a quick jaunt to the grocery store (which has happened). I would not feel like a total frumpy mommy! I mean it's cute, it matches and it's from Victoria's Secret so supermodels wear them all the time, right?! (Insert sarcasm here!) Ha, ha! I guess I'm totally busted! I'm not a supermodel. I guess that I wear this outfit way too much. But, until I get my booty to bed earlier and my kids stop making messes on my nice clothes (which I usually do wear when I leave the house) I think I will continue to wear my warm up suit every morning! Maybe I just need to get a couple of other colors so they won't notice. And get a pair of Ugg's and then I'd really be a supermodel. (Again, insert sarcasm here! I actually dislike Ugg's almost as much as I dislike Crocs.) Today was one of those days when I didn't make it out of my "warm up" suit. I did however manage to get my makeup on so I wasn't a total frump. Again, I confess. I made one quick trip to Walmart at 8:30AM and nobody saw me (I think) and then I cleaned most of the rest of the day and spent countless minutes on the phone and email trying to find my lost dress fabric. (I don't think my business associates knew I was in my pajamas!) If I was Vector from Despicable Me right now I would say "They are not pajama's! It's a warm up suit" And then my daughter would say "What are you warming up for?" And I would say "Stuff" and then she would ask "What kind of stuff?" And I would reply "Super cool stuff you wouldn't understand!" And she would then say "like sleeping?" And again, I would say "They are not pajama's!" So they really aren't pajama's. I don't sleep in them, but I do wear this quite frequently (maybe a little too frequently according to my daughter), but it gets the job done!  And next time my daughter asks why I wear this everyday, I'm going to say it's my "super cool stuff doing warm up suit", like I'm some kind of a super hero or something! So this being said, what have you been caught wearing? Come on spill your guts so I know I'm not the only one here! What's your go to outfit for everyday mommy duties when no one else is around?


  1. You are so funny! I don't believe for one minute that you aren't a hottie all the time. My busted up frumpy mom outfit is a pair of "comfy" pants I got at Old Navy a million years ago. I love to wear them with a t-shirt. But I don't dare wear them out, maybe only for drive through errands where no one can see the bottom half of me.

    1. friend, you are too nice to me! I hear ya on not letting anyone see the bottom half! Gotta love the comfy's!!