Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Updated Home Made Fire Starters, Using Old Candle Wax!

If you follow my blog you know I love to re-use and re-make stuff into new useful things. A while ago I posted about making home made fire starters using egg cartons, dryer lint and melted bees wax. And I mentioned how wonderfully they work. One egg unit will start my fire every time! No paper or other fuels required. I have tried them over and over and it amazes me each time how well they work. Well today I want to add something else that I have discovered. I'm pretty excited....I can't contain myself! Wait for it...wait for it....You can make the same fire starters the same way, but instead of using precious bees wax you can substitute used up, old candle wax!! You know those Salt City Candle Melter Tiles ? I love them. This is the time of year when I love my house to smell like pumpkin pie or pine trees. And I melted some the other day and when the wax had lost it's aroma I wondered.....Could this wax be used again for another purpose instead of being throw out? I made the fire starters the same way only using this recycled candle wax. Guess what? It works just as well! And I can save my bees wax for much nobler purposes (like beeswax lip balm for all my girlfriends for Christmas!) I know. It is very odd for one to get so excited about fire starters. I'm easily entertained, what can I say?! Just thought I'd share my discovery with you. If you want to try this go to my blog post Titled Random Household Hints: Home Made Bees Wax Fire Starters. You follow the exact same instructions with the same products only exchanging the old candle wax for the bees wax. (Another helpful hint: save your scissors, when the wax dries the egg cartons can just be ripped into individual pieces using your hands!) This is the ultimate in recycling! The egg cartons, the dryer lint, the old, used wax, all the necessary "ingredients" have been used before or created while another useful purpose was being performed. (My daughter would be so proud!)

This is a pic of what the ones I made with bees wax look like in the carton.

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