Thursday, January 17, 2013

Creme Brulee Squares in a Pyrex!

The other day I had the opportunity to acquire some fresh, raw cream from a friend of mine who has a milk cow. Let me tell you...."That was the best Creme Brulee I have ever eaten!" All I can say is, it's a good thing I'm back to Zumba daily again, because as much of this deliciousness as I have eaten, would pack on the pounds! I wish I could have my own cow, but that just isn't going to work right now. So I will get it from my friend! I had much more cream than normal, so I did a double batch. (Not a good idea, because then I want to eat a double batch!)  I had only enough Ramekins to make one batch at a time and I needed to get it done all at once. Well I tried something new, and it worked out, so I'm sharing! I used the excess in a Pyrex 9x13 Pan and put that 9x13 into a bigger cake pan and then filled around it with water. And it cooked just as good! So if anyone wants to make Creme Brulee and don't own Ramekins...this works! I like the presentation in the Ramekins better, but if you don't have any or if you want to serve a crowd this method might just be for you!

This is the larger cake pan I used for the water bath. I put the 9x13 pan inside this pan, then filled around it with water. (Be careful not to get water into your Creme Brulee!)

I cut squares with a knife then they slide out nicely with a thin, flat metal spatula.

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