Thursday, January 10, 2013

Laundry Room Ruffled Curtain Door! (Otherwise known as concealer)

(The next generation of designers.)
There are very few things in my life that I dread. One that I do have a hard time keeping up with is my laundry. "For the love of Pete!" How many times do children need to change their clothes in one day?! And they are never clean when they are done, they can't be worn again (in most cases) and small children cannot do their own laundry. So what is to be done? Well I say do your best and when all else fails conceal!! We use concealer on our faces to cover zits and dark circles, why not the laundry? LOL! I had to do something! Today's post was prompted by someone whom I love dearly inquiring about what was going on in my laundry room?, Was my washer broken? Why was there such a pile of laundry in there. Well for starters I must give you a little background. My laundry room is about the size of a closet. It has a shoot that collects laundry that we throw down from under the sink cabinet in the upstairs bathroom. But this small space leaves very little room for sorting. And I got one of those sorting racks from Walmart one day thinking it would solve the problem, but it sort of made it worse because it takes up more space and you can't shut the door. So I had my handy hubby take the door off, because it kept getting in the way. Problem solved right? Well..yes...until a completely innocent someone is standing in the kitchen and then unknowingly turns to their left and WHOA ! They get a full on look at what is going on in that laundry room...and sometimes it's scary!! So to remedy this situation, I do load, after load, after load, and then when that still isn't enough. I made the Laundry Room Fabric Curtain Door! (Otherwise known as concealer!!) You may remember a few blog posts ago I made some new curtains for my kitchen windows out of cream colored burlap. So I just continued this theme by making a curtain that covers the laundry room door when I want it to, then can be removed if I want it open. I hung it using a shower curtain rod, it's completely removable (no holes or screws required) if I ever want the real door back, and was simple, pretty quick and cheap! Here are some pic's of the problem area.

The Before: Notice the pile of dirty clothes on the floor. (I'm embarrassed to say that on the day that said purely innocent loved one witnessed said horrifying sight....the pile was much worse!) So now ya know, if the drape is up the laundry is down, LOL!!

               And the After: Pretty good concealer if you ask me, I think I even got the color right!
                   Now just a few sprays of Febreeze (Burlap smells funny!) and we're good to go.

The next task will be to organize and hang up my collection of aprons (the glob of things piled on one hook in the corner!) How many aprons does one need? Oh..yeah...I sell aprons, it's my job to have lots!! Looks like I've got another job on my house organization "to-do" list. (I told you my house is not organized and decorated like I want it to be. It's a work in progress!


  1. What a funny post, Kacey! You definitely got me there! I also have my “concealer” installed in our narrow kitchen. It’s beaded and made our kitchen look wide and spacious.

    Roxie Tenner

    1. Glad to know I'm not the only one using "concealer" for such purposes! And awesome...magic, space creating beads. I could use some of those too!