Friday, January 18, 2013

G-Rated Valentine's Day!

My daughter says "This is so romantical mommy!"
I love Valentine's Day! Not because I need a special day to show the One I Love, that I love Him. Because I do try to show Handy Husband that I love him, no matter what day the calendar says it is. But, Valentine's Day is just fun! You get to go overboard and spoil the one you love. Well today's post is about a Valentine's Day that my family shared two years ago. I was 8 months pregnant and money was a little tight so we decided to keep our Valentine's activities "in-house". I'm so glad we did! I wouldn't recommend doing this every year, but it was a fun night. We got to share this special day with our kids and they loved it! My girls and I planned a special candle light dinner for the family. We decorated the table with Valentine's Day decorations. The kids really felt like they were included in a holiday that they normally are not. The food we made was all red and hearts inspired and ate by candlelight. We did toasts with red Kool-Aid in fancy wine glasses. We made our own heart confetti. And Fancy Jello for dessert. If you have small children I would recommend doing this at least once!

Our table setting.

G-Rated Jello!

The toast!

Of course we had to have a balloon!

The family Valentine's Day Dinner

This was part of my gift to Handy Husband. I made a special book for him that I put memories and stories from our relationship from dating to current. (Just in case I get dementia when I get old and he has to read it to me so I remember! I love "The Notebook!!") This gift was inspired by that movie.

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