Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Adventures of a Stay-at-Home Mom, Raising Bummer Lambs, Day 3

The "machine"
Hi everyone! Today is the last play by play I will give for the lambs because they are ALL doing superb! (Even Little Miss Stubborn has given up her defiant attitude towards the bottle, so proud of her!)  The 2 weakest ones that were born the day I arrived to pick them up are proving to be quite the little fighters! (I was a little worried for them at first because they were so small and weak, but they have perked right up and are kind of my favorites!) I have officially named them "Coco" and "Chanel" they are twins and very determined! (I love that in a lamb, a strong will to survive is essential.) I figured naming them after "Coco Chanel" was very fitting. She was, and forever will be a fashion icon because of her lifelong determination, ambition and energy! (And these little ones are pretty like she was too!) Here I am mixing farming and fashion again. Weird... I know!
 I fed for the last time at midnight and then not again until 5 this morning and they are all strong and nursing well! My next task will be to train them to nurse from my "machine" it really isn't a machine, (it's a nursing system my "Handy Husband" built so I can feed 7 lambs at a time) but it makes my life so much easier now that they are starting to get competitive for the bottle! (Picture me with a bottle in each hand, and one between my knees with the lambs that don't have a bottle in their mouths all bumping the ones that do! It's pure chaos!!) And since I'm not an octopus with eight arms, the "machine" was one of the best inventions he has ever created! I will continue feeding them milk about 3 times a day for a while then as the weather warms up and they are strong enough they will venture into the green pasture and then they will slowly be weaned off milk completely. I will post pics and follow ups later or as things change. But so far, the most labor intensive and critical 24-48 hour period has passed (Yay!) and I'm ecstatic that they have all made it through!

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  1. Would love to hear more about how your lamb feeding system works. Is it gravity fed or suction fed?