Monday, April 1, 2013

Kacey's Dresses Update: Introducing the next 3!

As fast as time passes by these days, it seemed to me as if April 1st was never going to come. Like it was an "April Fool's" joke! But, today has finally arrived and a few more of the dresses I designed are available for sale. (Pardon me while I do a little dance!) I am really excited to see these come out!! They are available exclusively through Shabby Apple (this link takes you to and are in their Fete Des Fleurs Collection. And here they are:

This one is called Belle De Jour and she's probably my favorite one so far!  This dress was actually inspired by another dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in the "The Seven Year Itch" movie. I'm sure you know the subway scene when the white dress she was wearing flies up as she stands over the subway grate! This is my "Mormon Version" of that iconic dress. (I wore it to church on Sunday and I love it! It's chiffon so it's light and "flowy" yet it covers all the important stuff! I got lots of compliments and am excited to move this piece into my Spring/Summer wardrobe.) I think this is the perfect "wedding dress." (Oh, and she will be available in two other colors (a soft, mint green and beautiful purple) later this Spring/Summer. If you want to see these colors look in Shabby Apple's  "Coming Soon!" Collection)
Image Credit Shabby Apple.
Here is one we like to call "Bouquet" she is a high quality 100% cotton floral number. I love all the bright florals out this season. This dress is definitely on trend in a pretty sort of way. This dress has pleats at the bottom hem and one at the neckline. And floral simplicity in the middle.
Image Credit: Shabby Apple
Here is "Hydrangea" she is a beautiful, very subtle Sky Blue, cotton voile. Very light and airy, perfect for summer! This one won't weigh you down!
Image Credit: Shabby Apple
And last, but not least there is one more coming out in a later collection. So keep your eyes peeled!

A special thanks to Shabby Apple for all their help in making my dreams come true!! Shabby Apple makes beautiful things (I've been a customer for years.) You should check them out. In my best french accent I welcome you to browse the  "Fete Des Fleurs" Collection on

And have a wonderful day!

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