Saturday, August 24, 2013

Trend: Leather, "Rock it Baby!"

Hey guys! While I was shopping for school supplies for the kiddos last week at Target, guess...what...I...found?! Check this out!!

 I started singing "Pour some sugar on me, in the name of love!" My kids were like, "MOM, what are you doing?" Sorry, junior high flash back! I'm okay now. Def Leppard was one of my favs and then there was Poison, but the Lep was my band! I still love them. Target had a few others, KISS, Springstein, but the Lep was calling me, so I bought it. It's been in the closet for about a week now, cuz it's been so hot in Utah! But last night it was rainy and cool so I thought "what the heck!" If you are like me and love the latest fashion trends, you are probably swooning over a pair of black leather pants, yep me too! But I couldn't see dropping a few hundred on a pair! So I went faux leather instead. I found these "rockin" black, coated skinny's at Koo-de-ker the other day and have been dying for a cool day to wear them. I got my chance last night. The "Handy Hubby" and I went on a date and sat outside to dine, so the weather was fresh and cool. The pants and sweatshirt were perfect! He said to me, "you know if your hair was bigger you would fit right in the eighties!" Yep, but this is as big as my hair gets! (If only you could have seen me in junior high, talk about "big hair!" We would see who could rat our bangs highest! Scary!!) Been there, done that! So here's my "rocker chick" date night look:

These cropped, zipper pants will satisfy your desire for leather!

Gold accessories go perfect with the gold zippers, my gold chain/earrings are from KDK also.

Bright yellow shoes are from VS.
Date night with the Mister!

This sounds really weird, but it's so good! Try the Avocado Shake at Banana Leaf!!

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