Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chic Baby Lace Appliqued Onesie, Tutorial

Welcome friends! If Emerald is the color of the season, then hearts are definitely the shape of fall!
I'm seeing them everywhere. And who doesn't love hearts?! So I've been playing with hearts a lot lately.
If you missed my lace, appliqued top I made for myself you can see that here:
Link to the adult version of this tutorial

This got it all started! When I made that one and got a total photo bomb by my 2 year old, it gave me the idea that this would be too awesome on a onesie!! So that's what I bring you today: Presenting chic baby lace appliqued onesie! If you want to have the cutest gift at the next baby girl shower or if you have a chic baby girl, this is for you!

Here is what you will need:
Heart Template, I found mine by just googling heart template online, then printed and cut out.
White Onesie, unfold and iron the wrinkles out of front where you will place the heart so it goes on flat.
Black lace fabric, got mine at Joann's
HeatnBond Lite, also from Joann's, this is the iron on glue that holds the heart on, I used the Lite because lace is light and delicate
Pressing Cloth, this is any thin cloth that you can place in between the iron and the lace heart
A super cute baby to wear your awesome creation, this one is up to you!!
What you do:
First iron out any wrinkles on the front of the onesie with the iron. So the place you are going to put the heart is flat and ready for the applique. Then place heart template down on lace fabric (right side up), then cut the heart out of fabric, precisely. (The better your cut the more professional it will look) Then place lace heart on top of HeatnBond, (bumpy side up, paper side down) cut out the heart shape out of the HeatnBond, then move to the ironing board. Place the heart down on the board, HeatnBond is down first, then lace is on top of HeatnBond (fabric right side should be up) and then carefully place a thin pressing cloth over the heart and press. (There is a difference between ironing and pressing! Ironing is moving the iron across the fabric quickly, pressing is leaving the heat on longer in one place.) We are pressing! Once you have the cloth in place and no wrinkles exist, lay the iron over the cloth and leave in one place for about 30 seconds, then move to another place and repeat until you have covered the entire heart area. This diligent pressing is what will adhere the lace to the shirt, if you don't press well it will likely come off. Now peel the paper off the back of the heart, the heart should now have a clear layer of adhesive stuck to it. Now place the heart (HeatnBond side down) onto the Onesie, center the heart where you want it and then cover again with the pressing cloth. Again press about 30 seconds each area until the entire heart is stuck to the Onesie. Allow to cool without touching and ta-da!! Hello chic baby!! Here are a few pics of what I did:

Example of my template, and fabric ready for cut.
After the cut.

Ready for first pressing.

After first pressing, now peel the paper away from fabric, or fabric away from paper!
Placed and ready for second pressing, just cover this with thin cloth and press, press, press!

The finished project! Now I just need to rent a baby girl!! (don't think my little cowboy is going to go for this!)

This is what you will need for your adhesive.

The "Big Girl" version, with my little photo bomber!

As always thanks for tuning in! Much Love, from my little "Patch-A-Heaven!"

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